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Welcome back! I’d wish your team luck in the NCAA tournament, but let’s face it – at the end of the day 63 fan bases are going to be unhappy with how their season ends. Hopefully your bracket hasn’t already been nuked by the time you read this. This is probably the biggest TWIRL we’ve had in a while, so enjoy! On to three stories from previous weeks before we get to the latest insanity:

2/27 – From one of the Left’s leading sphincters.

I chose to ignore Bill Maher’s latest anti-American rant until now. This is a great response

3/13 – Mother Of 11-Year-Old ‘Drag Kid’ Who Performed At Gay Bar Says Child Protective Services Showed Up At Her Home

It’s not the happy ending that the headline suggests. It looks like these child abusing parents are in no danger of losing their kid, and of course they are claiming to be the victims

3/15 – Colin Kaepernick interested in Dolphins QB opening, ready to play as he continues to train

Oh, FFS. I brought this up a while back when I wrote the one simple reason Kaep is not in the NFL.  And Miami, in particular? Here’s some friendly career advice, Colon: When you’re interested in working for a prospective employer, don’t wear a t-shirt glorifying the tyrant who murdered and tortured family members of that employer’s customer base

3/16 – Kid Slams Egg on Aussie Sen’s Head for Tying Muslim Immigration to NZ Attack

I keep hoping that we’ll see the proper headline, “Attention starved child received discipline he was denied at home”

3/17 – MSM Noticing MAGAnomics Benefits Mostly Middle-Class, While BLS Job Openings Still Outpace Workforce…

Women and minorities hardest hit.

3/17 – Google Does Evil to Patrick Moore

Google is, I would imagine, weirdly much like the government of Iran. The mullahs don’t really believe all the 12th imam nonsense (I mean, who could?) but they espouse it for the masses in order to maintain their power over them. Google and the social media companies—and, of course, the Democratic Party—have to proclaim the imminent civilizational danger of climate change to keep their own masses in line.

3/18 – A two-fer, same issue. First we see that Democrats Aren’t Rushing to Defend Chelsea Clinton. How crazy is the world that I find myself siding with Chelsea Clinton and praising Bill DiBlasio (who seem to be the only prominent Dem defending her). Less surprising is the fact that the STUDENT WHO ACCOSTED CHELSEA CLINTON ‘DISAPPOINTED’ TO SEE OMAR SUPPORT TWO-STATE SOLUTION

3/18 – Democrat Privilege: Klobuchar Says It’s Time to “Move On” from Northam’s Blackface Scandal – Remember kids – if you’re going to be a racist make sure that you’ve got a big (D) after your name!

3/19 – Former Handgun Control, Inc. Spokesman Jake Tapper Given Award by the Cronkite Center for Staging Gun Control “Town Hall” Set Up to Be a Raucous “WWE Event” and Setting Up Dana Loesch to Serve as the Hated Wrestling Heel

I’m not sure who’s a bigger embarrassment here – CNN or the Cronkite Center  – the tweets from Dana Loesch and the ones showing the scenes from this “journalistic event” are a great takedown

3/20 – Gender Pronouns Now a Police Matter in the UK

Don’t laugh too hard – The Gaystapo would love to bring this kind of totalitarianism to the US.

If this victim had been smart, he/she would have reported the people of the residence of both misgendering and putting up mean posts on social media.

3/20 – The Fiercely Heterosexual Cory Booker Wants to Talk About The (Checks Notes) Woman He Loves — And He Chooses The Perfect Venue for Gossiping About Heterosexual Relationships

No that interesting a story, but I’m posting because someone wrote a tweet that I can’t find now which had a simple pol: Who’s wearing their new beard better? It showed side by side photos of Ted Cruz and his new whiskers alongside a clean shaven Cory Booker standing with J-Lo.

3/20 – WATCH: Seattle Man Scolds Rude, Elitist City Council “What a Sad Commentary…”

This week’s edition of “How You Got Trump”. I would not have been as civil as this guy was.

3/20 – ‘9-1-1’ Billboard Vandalized With Anti-Beto O’Rourke Message

Street artist Sabo strikes again, and as always it is awesome!This time he takes aim at the media’s favorite Beto-Male

3/21 – Blankenship Is Right: Sue the Mainstream Media Out of Existence

Considering they’re not even trying to pretend to be journalists anymore, why not? Even if these cases lose in court the discovery phase will be a thing of beauty

3/22 – Swedes Say People Should Take in Refugees. Then They Meet a Refugee.

Brilliant  – This is how you shut down Leftists. At least they acknowledge that they’re not stupid enough to want to live under the same rules they want to drop on everybody else.

This week’s throwback from the archives continues with the sidebars from the final chapter of the Economics of Politicians series. If You Want to Save Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, Stop Trying to Save Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Busy weekend ahead, so you may or may not see me in the comments. Have a great one, everybody!

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