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Welcome back everyone! Let’s get right to it:


I’m not a fan of Trump’s National Emergency declaration either, but let’s stop pretending it’s anything new or unprecedented

2/15 – Cops do their job, snowflakes triggered!

I’d like to see how these snowflakes react when cops decide not to trigger the perps of crimes against the Snowflakes themselves

2/16 – On the rebirth of socialism

This rot is going to take a long time to root out of our society. I’m actually not sure we haven’t passed the tipping point where the United States becomes a Kelly Turnbull novel.

2/17 – Don’t Call Them “Open Borders” Useful Idiots To Protest Plan That Safeguards U.S. Border Or Something

I like how an allegedly mainstream publication like The Hill quotes some of the more insane views from The Radical Left as an excuse to spread editorial content of which they happen to agree.

2/17 – Autopsy of a Dead Coup

Victor Davis Hanson gives a lengthy but thorough rundown of the attempted coup against President Trump. The truly scary part is that the perps feel absolutely no fear of consequences for their actions. Let that one sink in.

2/18 – For the Record, Obama Made Mincemeat of the Constitution

I’d be curious to hear in the comments – how many of you with Lefty friends watched them blindly worship a man who regularly used The Constitution as toilet paper suddenly proclaim a love for that outdated, slaveholder-written document some time in late 2016?

2/18 – NYT: Republican 2020 message is “if you’re a Democrat, you’re either a socialist, a baby killer or an anti-Semite”

I reject this misleading NY Times headline suggesting that among the Dems’ 2020 candidates, “if you’re a Democrat, you’re either a socialist, a baby killer or an anti-Semite”. What’s with this either/or garbage? Isn’t every one of their candidates so far all three of these?

2/19 – Australia’s Obsession With Hopelessly Intermittent Wind and Solar Wrecking Entire Power Grid.

Unreliable, expensive, and under government control – the ultimate goal of every element of society under Socialists

2/19 – Iconic Statue of ‘Kissing Sailor’ Vandalized With #MeToo, Just Days After the Sailor’s Death

H/T Flopping Aces commenter Another Vet. Yet another sad sign of the times in which we live.

2/20 – Republican Spenders: Where’s the Backbone?

Another good link to bookmark. Yes, entitlement spending has been ignored, but if simple, common sense measures to cut spending like these being proposed by our president are being overruled by a Republican controlled Congress what hope is there?


Yep. The people we’re trusting to educate our kids are fighting for their “right” to indoctrinate them


This is one of those “Inconvenient Truth” stories

2/21 – Statue Of General Lee Vandalized In North Carolina. It Was The Wrong General Lee.

Part of me was expecting to read that some idiot had vandalized a statue honoring Bo and Luke Duke’s famous Dodge Charger.
I wasn’t even slightly surprised that what they actually did was almost as dumb.

2/22 – Just Say No

There’s actually a debate over stripping citizenship of people who leave the US or UK to join ISIS? What are they complaining about? A short walk to a long rope would be more appropriate

From the archives, we go back to 2012 where I put forth my modest proposal as to how We Can Balance the Budget. Right Now – No Tricks, No Gimmicks, and No B.S. Look at your personal share to pay off the Federal debt. Now keep in mind that when I wrote that piece eight years ago our debt was $16.2T – now it’s $22T. So whatever insane number you would need to pay, you can increase that by 50%.

On that cheery note, have a great weekend!

And be sure to click the first tweet this week – it’s a great thread of fake hate crimes.

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