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Happy 2019! We’re only a few days in and our friends on The Left have wasted no time ringing out the old craziness with some fresh, new insanity!

12/28 – Proud Feminist Wallows In Loneliness and Cat Urine (Video)

There’s a time and place to give The Radical Left the mockery that they deserve, such as with a skewering article from Kurt Schlichter or Mark Dice laughing through one of his videos. That would be most of the time, but this isn’t one of them. James Allsup gave a thoughtful response video to actress Mayim Bihalik’s (Blossom back in the day, Big Bang Theory today) social media meltdown. It’s an eleven minute video that’s well worth your time as he dives into why so many Leftists are so unhappy.

12/28 – Miami Dolphins’ Robert Quinn complains about lack of coverage for his protest during national anthem

A painful lesson that the 1st Amendment doesn’t extend to being entitled to a megaphone while on your employer’s time.

12/28 – Let’s do follow the climate money!

For all that Climatistas will open almost any argument by suggesting that any disagreement with them “…is just oil money talking”, it’s interesting to look at who’s paying for their talking points.


“The 2019 plan is one of adjustment to current realities. We cannot spend more than we earn,” Economy Minister Alejandro Gil Fernandez said at a session of the National Assembly last week.

Great. now even The Radical Left in Cuba is smarter than our Radical Left. And too many Republicans.

12/29 – Report: NJ Residents Are Not Surrendering ‘High Capacity’ Magazines to State Police

At least the residents of the state where I grew up have maintained some sanity, even if they elect representatives who don’t.

12/29 – Polishing Jonah Goldberg

It still annoys me that someone as talented as Goldberg and who was one of my favorite writers for years has thrown in with the Vichy Conservatives. Or more likely has always been one and the Trump presidency has simply unmasked him.

12/30 – University Of Florida Sued By Conservative Student Group.

More of this, please.

12/30 – Cat Fight! McCaskill and Ocasio-Cortez Scrap

Hot blue on blue action!

12/31 – Twenty Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bernie Sanders

I didn’t know any of them – good to bookmark for reference,

12/31 – The Divine Right of Democrats to Drool

A good look at how following their anger is probably not going to fo The Radical Left any favors.

1/1 – The Great Depression of 2019?

The left doesn’t care about these things. Leftists care only about their own power and perks, not about ordinary Americans. That is the reason they are all praying (well, not “praying,” exactly) for a Great Depression in 2019. They want America to fail so that a small clique – themselves – can lord it over the chumps of the heartland. They want Trump defeated at all costs. Their hatred of Trump and the voters who elected him is fanatical and vicious, and that’s why they are predicting – and hoping for – the Great Depression of 2019.

1/2 – Some Cucks and Mollie Hemingway Discuss Conservatism in the Age of Trump at The Washington Cuckshed

I posted the article from Ace of Spades for its usual great titles, and when you visit it be sure to click through to the original piece in The Washington Examiner. Mollie Hemmingway’s portion (which Ace posts in its entirety) makes for a stark contrast with the preceding writeup from Vichy Conservative David French.


And you thought that The Radical Left just hated Christian-based schools! Nope, Orthodox Jews (who coincidentally voted heavily for Trump) are hated by Lefties too!

1/4 – House Dem Agenda Item? “Gonna Impeach The M*****F****R”

It didn’t take long for Democrats to show us the maturity and competence that we can expect from them controlling the House for the next two years.

And I’ll leave you with a piece that is surprisingly funny given the source – Can Liberals Survive the Apocalypse?

Have a great weekend!

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