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Welcome back for our final post of 2018! I hope that everyone had a great Christmas, so let’s get to one last week of insanity before the start of the new year!

12/20 – Leftists are Dragging This Colorado Baker to Court for LGBT Discrimination

Can we stop humoring The Radical Left when they pretend that the whole “Bake the cake!” argument is about anything more than anti-Christian bigotry?

12/21 – Can We Deport the NY Times, Please?

One of these idiotic “think” pieces that says that nobody deserves to be an American. It’s amazing for how much Leftists profess their hatred for this country none of them ever leave. And they actually want to more foreigners to live in this s*** hole!

12/22 – Social Justice meritocracy

Remember how David Hogg was crying that he couldn’t get admitted to several California colleges? He got accepted to Harvard. I’m fine with Harvard destroying its reputation, though. Personally, I would have given his spot to someone who was 1/1000th Cherokee

12/23 – Did the Media Care When Obama Fired General Mattis?

Take a guess. Go ahead, guess!

12/24 – Transgender Rage: You Can’t Have a Women’s Symbol at a Women’s College

I am so grateful that I’m not a satire writer for a living. How are you supposed to compete with reality?

12/24 – Opposition to Texas GOP Official Shahid Shafi Is Not Due to Bigotry

This is another Friendly Fire piece that you’ll see from me once in a while, and today’s target is National Review’s Jim Geraghty. He’s probably my favorite Conservative who frequently criticizes President Trump, as unlike the fussy Kristol/Goldberg/French style, Geragthy’s angle is to show how the President’s words or actions hurt his effectiveness as president. That said, PJ Media’s Robert Spencer writes a good rebuttal to Jim’s support for Shafi.

12/25 – The sermon Trump heard on Christmas Eve featured a cruel emperor, migrants seeking refuge and ‘the hardest of years

When I was writing the first few days’ of this post I honestly thought that I’d have to use something relatively light for Christmas Day, thinking that The Radical Left could hold off on the d-baggery for one day out of the year. I’m glad that I didn’t bet any money on that one!

12/26 – Are the Investigations the Cover-Up?

(In Ron Howard’s “Arrested Development” Narrator voice): “Actually, they are.”

12/27 – CNN rats out troops in Iraq for having Trump sign MAGA hats

I think that 4Chan may have already done something like this, but is it time to organize an effort to snoop on the social media feeds of anyone who works for CNN and strategically reveal anything from their past that might raise the ire of The Radical Left?

12/27 – Trump Works While NeverTrump Predicts Doom—Again

A good look at the lack of substance in the Vichy Conservatives

12/28 – The Upside for Conservatives in 2019

Closing out with some good news

Have a great weekend and Happy New Year!

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