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Welcome to our last post before Christmas! You’d think that the holiday season would put even Leftists in a good mood, but you would be wrong! Since they need to be Scrooges and try to make us Normals as miserable as they are, let me start by being a Scrooge and raining on one of their sacred cows:

12/13 – The inconvenient truth about the environmental impact of organic farming

Spoiler alert: This sacred cow of The Radical Left is not as “Green” as they fantasize it to be.


Actually, all of these “scientific studies” prove only one thing – there is no study too idiotic that Leftists won’t swallow wholeheartedly if it reinforces their beliefs in how brilliant and virtuous they wish they were

12/13 – Moonbattery Reduces Boy Scouts to Brink of Bankruptcy

The end of the post brings it home:

BSA still represents America, as it has for over a century. But now instead of mirroring our health, it mirrors our sickness and decline.

12/13 – New York AG-elect Gives New Meaning to the Word Thug

Friendly question Lefties – might there be a possibility that having judges and AGs harass the President and every administration appointee set a precedent that you might not like the next time you’re in power? Just something to ponder

12/15 – Roy Cooper to 55% of NC Voters: You’re too dumb to use ID to vote

I didn’t know that North Carolina was 55% Democrat

12/15 – American University Yoga Group Disbands Over Complaints of Cultural Appropriation

This is why you never give The Radical Left an inch on anything. They howled for platitudes like “Diversity” and “Inclusion”, and when they get it they start howling bloody murder

12/16 – The Globalist Mindset: They Hate You

The always great Victor Davis Hanson summarizes how our leaders are now completely open about how much they despise the people they’re supposed to represent.

12/17 – Shocker: Starbucks’ Anyone-Can-Use-Our-Bathrooms-Policy Results in Stores Locking Up Their Bathrooms and Denying Them to Everyone, Including Paying Customers


12/18 – The Leftwing “Activist” Group That Mobbed and Menaced Florida AG Pam Bondi at a Movie Theater Was Financed by George Soros

It is truly a tragedy that we don’t have actual journalists working in the mainstream media.

12/19 – D.C. Attorney General Sued for Documents Related to Bloomberg Scheme

Ah, good to see pushback against these religious cult fanatics and their lawfare

12/19 – Virginia regulators unexpectedly delay decision on controversial gas project

As much as it pains me to link directly to The Washington Compost, the article helpfully introduces us to the concept of “Environmental Racism”, which I believe is defined as “Wealthy, bigoted left wing religious cult members oppose creating jobs in predominately black neighborhoods”

12/20 – Now That The Russian Collusion Narrative Is Deflating, The Left Is Shifting Goalposts

A better question is when doesn’t The Radical Left shift the goalposts the moment any of their insane narratives fall apart?

12/21 – Help Earth: Extinct Yourself (Video)

Don’t worry, no auto-launch – I wouldn’t do that to you! Bill Whittle and Scott Ott take apart a recent editorial in The New York Times, and while Bill Whittle is too much of a gentleman to call out the author on an obvious solution, I’m not. For that I turn to the urban poet, William Milano, with some constructive feedback for any Climate Cultists.

ICYMI – …And I hope you didn’t, since I just published this on Thursday night, but I decided to weigh in on the “controversy” regarding the classic Christmas song “Baby it’s Cold Outside”

Instead of an archive, in honor of Slayer announcing that they’re giving their fans one last leg of their farewell tour, I give you this bizarre mashup that was sent to me – the Benny Hill/Slayer Mashup Disaster.

And finally, I’ll leave you with my favorite song of all time. Merry Christmas, everyone.

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