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The world’s biggest narcissist has burned through his meager reserve of quietude. He cannot stand the adoration being heaped upon his successor and has bolted from the tradition of past Presidential dignity and restraint from comment.

He wants you to notice him again. His ego is four quarts low and needs refilling.

He wants you to know that he deserves the credit for things he didn’t do. He wants you to believe that he is responsible for America being the world’s leading oil producer.


obama blocked offshore oil drilling in the Atlantic and the Arctic.

obama was against fracking.

He conducted a war on oil:

President Barack Obama’s enemies have long accused him of waging a “war on coal.” But a very different war on oil and gas is coming next.

The newest phase of Obama’s environmental agenda has the oil and natural gas industry in its crosshairs, with plans to curb greenhouse gas pollution from rigs and refineries, tighten oversight of drilling on public lands and impose a strict ozone limit that industry lobbyists slam as “the most expensive regulation ever.”

The administration still might hand some modest victories to the industry along the way — as early as Friday, for example, the Interior Department may give Shell Oil a final green light for expanded drilling off Alaska’s Arctic coast. And unlike the massive climate rule that the EPA issued for power plants last week, the administration’s actions on oil and gas will be quieter, more piecemeal and harder to track.

Still, the oil industry’s top lobbying group says it’s facing a “regulatory avalanche or a tidal wave” — one that some of Obama’s critics have been bracing for.

The administration has “ridden this horse as far as it wants to ride it,” GOP energy lobbyist and strategist Mike McKenna said in an interview, tying the oil and gas crackdown to Obama’s efforts to make wind and solar power more competitive. He said Obama and his team “have always been very clear-eyed about their strategy: they want to make affordable, dependable, traditional fuels like oil, gas and coal more expensive. … This is just the natural rush at the finish line.”

But greens say it’s past time for Obama to start reining in oil and gas as the next step in the climate legacy that he’s made such a priority for his second term. For these activists, the EPA’s power plant rules represented only a down payment.

(He also said America has a “great smugness” about wealth and status. There is no one more smug about his own highfalutin status and the guy who once famously said “At some point you’ve made enough money” is shoving millions into his pockets every month.)

obama opposed oil at every turn.

America being the world leader in oil? Sorry, barack, you didn’t build that.

Seen on Twitter. It does a nice job of interpreting obama:

Once again, his narcissism overcomes his tenuous grasp of reality. It’s time to for obama to leave the stage.

And shut up.

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