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Welcome back everybody, and since this will be our last TWIRL post before the holiday I hope that everyone has a safe and fun Thanksgiving! At the end of this post our trip to Brother Bob’s archives will give you the definitive guide to totally OWNING any Lefties at your Thanksgiving dinner table. And of course, Lefty insanity never takes a holiday, so here are our top stories:

11/10 – Dem Lawyers Are Now Openly Fighting To Count Votes By Non-Citizens In Florida Election

I think it was Ann Coulter (of whom I’m generally not a fan) made a great point back when Al Franken was busy stealing his election in MN. It was something along the lines of “If the GOP won’t even stand up to blatant voter fraud like this what’s the point of their existence?” Here’s hoping that now we have the right President to stand up and fight for rule of law.

11/11 – The First Culture War

A short but sad take on forgetting the sacrifices made in World War I

11/12 – Why Progressives Can’t Understand How the Corporate Tax Cut is Fueling Our Booming Economy

I still wonder how this magically became Obama’s economy when for the first year or so every lefty was rubbing their hands with glee over how the Trump tax cuts and tariffs were going to plunge us into the next Great Depression.

11/13 – Virginia Gives Away the Store to Amazon

The company will also receive a cash grant from Arlington of $23 million over 15 years based on the incremental growth of the existing local Transient Occupancy Tax, a tax on hotel rooms.

Raising taxes for a massive corporate giveaway – thank goodness that Amazon waited until after the elections to make this announcement about how our state and local Democrats were planning to shaft the taxpayers! I wonder if NY got a similar fleecing

11/14 –Ocasio-Cortez joins “climate change” protest outside of Pelosi’s office

Gulag Barbie perfectly sums up the difference between our two sides. When people from our side with whom they disagree speak, the Lefties do everything they can to scream us down & not allow our views to be heard. When The radicals who’ve taken over the Democratic Party speak we want to hand them a bullhorn!

11/15 – ‘Alarming’ Study Claiming Global Warming Heating Up Oceans Based on Math Error

Another apocalyptic warning from the doomsday cult of Climatology turn out to be a load of horse hockey? It must be another day ending in a “Y”!

11/16 – A Reliable Warning Sign of Craziness

I haven’t linked to the great “Other McCain” in a while. In this post he weighs in on the rise of Astrology among Feminists:

No, ma’am, it’s because straight men know that crazy women are trouble.

Why are you 28 and unmarried, Hannah Rose Ewens? Isn’t it a fact that you struggle with mental health problems? Isn’t your “bisexuality” merely a rationalization of your inability to get a boyfriend? And why, in addition to astrology, are you also dabbling in tarot readings? Well, I didn’t need to do a Zodiac chart to know these things about you, Ms. Ewens, I just spent a few minutes browsing your social media and it’s pretty obvious why heterosexual men avoid you. A quick scan of your Instagram account would be sufficient to convince any shrewd observer that you’re a kook.

And from the archives, we take a holiday break from our Economics for Politicians series to offer you Your One Stop Guide to DESTROYING your Democrat relatives at Thanksgiving! Even though it’s two years old it’s no less relevant today – my guide held up incredibly well!

In another Thanksgiving themed link from the archives, three years ago I raised the question of How Soon Until Alice’s Restaurant is Deemed Hate Speech?

And while you’re enjoying your dinner and time with your family, be sure to take a moment to remember the victims of the Pinedale Shopping Center turkey attack.


One last video before we go to the Tweet roundup – I’ll leave you with some of my favorite Thanksgiving music, from the greatest live album ever made. As Rick Danko said so well, Happy Thanksgiving!

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