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The results are in and the House has changed hands. In the aftermath, democrats plan to make Trump’s life a living hell:

But few Democrats want to actively talk about impeaching Trump, whether it’s on Capitol Hill or on the campaign trail. For many, the issue is a nuisance and a distraction from more serious matters. Senior leadership has also repeatedly cautioned against impeachment, warning that it would only deepen partisan squabbling in Congress.

Instead of impeachment, Democrats plan to tighten the screws by mounting an investigative blitz against the White House and Russian interests.

Don’t believe it. There will be a movement to impeach Trump and that could actually help Trump. It certainly didn’t hurt Clinton and America has no appetite for it.

According to two sources close to the House Intelligence Committee, who requested anonymity to speak freely about post-election plans, Democrats plan to focus a significant amount of energy on reopening the panel’s now-shuttered investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, and whether members of the Trump campaign colluded with Moscow to tilt the race in his favor.

Right. They’re going to find something Mueller could not?

Democrats also plan to reintroduce legislation safeguarding the integrity of the FBI’s ongoing Russia investigation by protecting key figures like special counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Moreover, they want to bring legislation protecting future elections from foreign influence by countering nation-state sponsored cyberattacks and disinformation campaigns.

They can introduce all they want. They have neither the Senate nor the White House. Of two Houses, the Senate is by far of greater importance. Trump will be able to keep on appointing judges and stifle democrat legislation. The GOP can expect a torrent of subpoenas.

I just watched that nitwit Ted Lieu say democrats plan to hold hearings on Trump’s use of his cell phone. PLEASE do that.

One thing I find curious are polls regarding the direction of the country and the economy. Paradoxically, in a Rasmussen poll 53% think the country is going in the wrong direction but 53% approve of the way Trump is handling the economy.

The more democrats harp on Trump investigations the more sympathetic Trump will become. He will be able to parlay that into victimization status for 2020. So although the House fallen to the dark side, do not fear.

55% fear a coming recession. If dems do as I expect and block Trump’s plans, there will be blame to assign.

The news is hardly all bad. In fact, much of it is terrific. The Kavanaugh effect was in full force. Many of the democrats on the Judiciary panel who ripped into Brett Kavanaugh were shown the door. And that’s not all.

Taylor Swift continued her propensity for poor judgment in men.


One wonders if she’ll write a song about how Bredesen broke her heart.

Beyonce lost.

Oprah lost.

Beto (who got Beato) blew through $70 million, mostly from East and West coast elites.

Gillum (who I must say was very gracious in defeat) went through $50 million.

Now let’s put some of this in perspective. The average loss by the party in power in the mid terms is 29 seats. In this election, 39 Republicans left their seats. 26 retired from Congress outright, 3 from the Senate. 10 left their seats for other offices. These were the people who were regularly re-elected, leaving weaker candidates to run. 34 GOP seats were lost. At least 3 seats were gained in the Senate.

All in all, pretty darned good.

It’s been suggested by at least one democrat that the party focus on legislation and not investigation.

Don’t bet on it. In return, Trump has promised similar investigations:


Now, sit back and watch democrats overplay their hand and squander the next two years.

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