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The left has become a bullying mob, utilizing the tools of violence and intimidation. Civility has been lost entirely. What they can’t secure rationally they attempt to seize in a hostile fashion. I can think of only one President who would have stood up to this mob intimidation that is now the hallmark of the left. Let’s share some of the examples.

Susan Collins has been a Profile in Courage despite left wing threats

Watch as the left wing robots are programmed. This could be straight out of Jonestown.

Jason Selvig attempted to incite violence against Brian Kilmeade of Fox and Friends

Here’s an episode of the walking dead

Watch stupid children taunt a 71 year old man who also had a right t express himself.

Rep. Gerald Nadler promises to impeach Kavanaugh if his confirmation cannot be stopped. Failing that, he’ll likely hire an assassin. (There was a time when that might have sounded hyperbolic, but no more)

Now watch the mindlessness of the left. Listen carefully. This is hysterical.

Here is a now deleted tweet from a Colbert show writer:

Not everyone was a bully

here’s Nancy Pelosi explaining the democrat playbook

And it continues

And they put this idiot on Meet the Press Today

This is unacceptable. The problem conservatives face is that they do not resort to this outrageous behavior, but you have to wonder where the limit is.

The GOP has never treated a democrat nominee like this:

Let’s be clear: The GOP has never borked a Democratic nominee to the Supreme Court. Objections to Democratic nominees were made based on their judicial record, not upon wild, far-fetched accusations of personal misconduct, produced only when all other avenues failed.

There was no attempt whatsoever by the GOP to bork either Sonia Sotomayor or Elena Kagan, President Barack Obama’s first two picks for the top court. Both of those nominees sailed through with hardly a ripple.

When the Senate didn’t give Obama’s last Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland a vote, it followed established Senate rules when it did so. It didn’t violate any rule or process for court nominations. The Republican senators certainly didn’t try any 11th-hour character assassination of Garland in an attempt to keep him off the Supreme Court.


But here’s the best video of all

By like I said, only Donald Trump would refuse to knuckle under to this horrible behavior that is now the norm for the left. Anything less would be the validation of the violence and intimidation as the gutless Lisa Murkowski has done.

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