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Professor Ford gave her testimony and the country was profoundly affected with her sincerity. Like a little girl, she seemed vulnerable and afraid. She has obviously been traumatized as a young girl. Unfortunately the exculpatory evidence was slowly proving it wasn’t Kavanaugh, and the exculpatory evidence was piling up, but her interview elicited sympathy from America, even from Judge Kavanaugh, who was the alleged perpetrator..

Although, to those of us, who have had relationships with people afflicted with Dissociative Identity Disorder, DID, or multiple personalities, the child’s voice, the contrived vulnerability, and the ability to change back and forth instantaneously as called for by circumstances, was all too familiar.

Unlike Professor Ford, I have no degrees in psychology; however, I have personal experience with two people with this affliction. One was a lover and one was an acquaintance who ultimately became involved in a murder/suicide. These few sentences are written from the standpoint of observation and are not derived from the standpoint of a psychiatric professional.

However, the observer has the experience of spending a great deal of time with the DID and depending on how deep you are pulled into the DID’s vortex of influence you may see and hear things that the professional will never hear.

In this article, there are two subjects, A and B. Subject A was a beautiful female, who had all the advantages and disadvantages of being desired by rich and powerful men. Subject B was a strong and talented young man in his early thirties. Subject A suffered horrific sexual abuse as a young child. I suspected Subject B suffered abuse, but I never knew him well enough to ask him or have him volunteer the information. Both of these people left me feeling as if I was in personal danger at different times. Subject A drifted into different personalities as they were needed and was more discrete with their usage. Subject B was a different personality and physical appearance every time I met him and at least one of those personalities was an aggressive homosexual.

I discontinued all contact with Subject B and the mutual friend who introduced us and who had warned me of B’s multiple personalities, after the mutual friend’s wife killed herself with a pistol, while both men were in the house. All of us who knew this victim and the two men, agreed, no matter who pulled the trigger, the two friends were responsible for the victim’s death. The death was officially ruled a suicide. In conclusion, I will mention that Subject B was extremely talented in several areas: mechanics, drawing, and gunsmithing. He had worked as a hunting guide and was extremely rugged and strong. He was involved with different drugs and on occasion drank to excess.

Subject A was well read and clever. In a desperate situation she could fight like a man, but she relied on feminine wiles to get her way as long as practical. Because of her beauty, she had traveled and been accepted among many of the elites of Hollywood and Los Angelos. She had relied on drugs and alcohol before I met her and stayed “Clean” as long as I knew her.

Both of these subjects had been arrested on several occasions, but I pity the police that had to subdue them and cuff them; the arrests had to be extremely difficult and dangerous.

The first time I noticed or heard one of the voices of subject A, we were driving down a country road late at night. Suddenly, a young girls voice seemed to come from the back seat. Assuming a child had hidden in my truck while I was working, I pulled the pickup off the road and looked in the backseat for a stowaway. I didn’t want to be arrested for kidnapping, I was scared.

Subject A asked what was wrong. When I told her, I had heard a child in the back, she asked me to get in the truck and began to explain the situation, while we continued the drive. She had thirteen well-defined personalities and a couple more that were in the formative stages. The voice that I heard, was a young girl. Subject A figured this one would be the best one to introduce me to her unique life; since, the little girl wasn’t intimidating,  She also had a young cowboy she used when she was trying to learn horsemanship and mechanical things about the truck from me.

I was incredulous and doubted the whole story. I asked for proof and asked that she demonstrate the personalities, but she became defensive, and said I needed to observe them in the future, besides she didn’t necessarily have the ability to make them appear. She used the personalities as they were needed and some of them were mean and some of them didn’t like me. The little girl was especially mean and could not be trusted.

I realized that I was in a dangerous situation; especially after my previous experience with Subject B and during the next few weeks, I began to extricate myself from the situation

However, when I hear a professor take on the persona of a little girl, my warning lights come on. I watched in disbelief as the the rest of the nation swallowed Ford’s little girl role, accepting the sight of a mature woman whimpering about an assault with four witnesses who have no knowledge of the incident and refuse to participate in her psychosis. Ford was good enough to convince a room full of people, as well as most of the country, including the alleged perpetrator, that she had suffered sexual assault at some point, but was confused as to the details. Yes, DID are often talented and intelligent people, who perfect their personalities and their abilities to deceive over time, as part of their mechanism to survive. They are talented actors.

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