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The Kavanaugh confirmation proceedings are the most shameful moment in the history of the US Senate.

High school yearbooks?

Publishing anonymous accusations?

Using Kavanaugh as a human piñata ?

Retweeting phony stories in an effort to visit harm on Kavanaugh?

Stalking and assaulting legislators?

Threatening Kavanaugh with impeachment if confirmed?

Are you f**king kidding me?

This is sick. It is diseased. I should clarify – democrats are diseased. They are mentally ill.

What this sordid process has done is demonstrate very clearly the difference between the left and the right. Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor did not see their personal lives and family destroyed. Some Republicans voted to approve them. Like Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas was lynched during his confirmation process. GOP nominees are subject to politics of personal destruction while democrat nominees are treated respectfully.

In the other day’s hearing, this was again repeated. Ford was treated with deference and Kavanaugh was assailed, in particular by some of highly dubious character.

Blumenthal went completely off the rails

“Do you believe Anita Hill?”

Then he stepped on his own rake. Blumenthal cited a Latin term to Kavanaugh that basically means “once a liar, always a liar.” Blumenthal claimed to have served in Vietnam. He never did.

Remember how Ford’s appearance was in doubt because she was so afraid to fly?

Mitchell: “May I ask, Dr. Ford, how did you get to Washington?

Ford: “In an airplane.”

Mitchell: “I ask that because its been reported by the press that you would not submit to an interview with the committee because of your fear of flying. Is that true?”

Ford: “I was hoping that they would come to me (in California) but I realized that was an unrealistic request.”

Mitchell: “it would have been a quicker trip for me.”

Ford: “That was certainly what I was hoping to avoid getting on an airplane. But I eventually was able to get up the gumption with the help of some friends and get on the plane.”

Mitchell: “You fly fairly frequently for your hobbies and you’ve had to fly for your work. Is that true?”

Ford: “Correct. Unfortunately.”

And about this:

“I was hoping that they would come to me (in California) but I realized that was an unrealistic request.”

Uh, not really.

In the hearing, when Ford was asked if anyone, including her lawyers, had relayed to her the committee’s offer to visit her in California, Ford refused to answer when her lawyer objected:

Question: “Okay. Was it communicated to you by your counsel or someone else that the committee had asked to interview you, and that they offered to come out to California to do so?”

Counsel: “I’m going to object, Mr. Chairman, to any call for privileged conversation between counsel and Dr. Ford.”

Question: “Could you validate that the offer was made, without her saying a word? Is it possible for that question to be answered without violating any counsel relationships?

Ford: “Can I say something to you? Do you mind if I say something to you directly? I just appreciate that you did offer that. I wasn’t clear on what the offer was. If you were going to come out to see me, I would have happily hosted you and been happy to speak with you out there. I just did not — it was not clear to me that that was the case.”

This is rather important. If her lawyers failed to present her the offer, they could find themselves sanctioned, at the very least.

The media has gone completely derelict. NBC made public an anonymous letter making accusations at Kavanaugh. Liberals have happily retweeted a phony story without so much as trying to check its veracity first.

Mainstream media reporters and commentators appeared to be much too zealous in spreading a false story on social media Friday that was very damaging to Brett Kavanaugh, the president’s nominee to the Supreme Court.

The story was contained in just one tweet, and it had no link, just a claim that the content came from the Wall Street Journal.

Despite the dubious sourcing, various reporters retweeted it over and over for hours,apparently in hope that the damaging story was true.

Among the a**holes who retweeted it: Laurence Tribe and Aaron Blake.

Laurence Henry “Larry” Tribe (born October 10, 1941) is a Chinese-born American lawyer and scholar who is the Carl M. Loeb University Professor at the Harvard Law School in Harvard University. Tribe’s scholarship focuses on American constitutional law. He also works with the firm Massey & Gail LLP on a variety of matters.[5]

See the quality Harvard can turn out.

Larry O’Donnell sounded more like Rosie O’Donnell when he misrepresented something Lindsey Graham said.

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell falsely claimed that Sen. Lindsey Graham called Dr. Christine Ford’s allegations against Brett Kavanaugh “garbage” in a tweet Friday.

Ever notice that when right wing groups offer support they’re well mannered? Ever notice that left wing feminist protests mean pussy hats, screaming, stalking, harassing and shouting at those with whom they disagree? For a nice representation of the insanity of the left, go here.

Soros-funded astroturfers assaulted Jeff Flake in an elevator

CNN leads with this

“Christine Blasey Ford’s friend is not refuting Ford’s allegation, will cooperate with FBI, lawyer says”

But read the article and you find this little nugget

The previous statement, which Walsh released to CNN and the committee last week, said, “Simply put, Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford.”

The loathsome Michael Avenatti produced a “witness” making obscene and completely asinine accusations. Left wing media was all too happy to run with them. This “witness” has been sued for sexual harassment and has had a restraining order imposed upon her.  PMSNBC made a documentary about her.

Immediately after the hearing some dem House operative doxxed the GOP committee members.

Personal information of Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham, Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch were posted by an unknown person located in the House of Representatives on Thursday during the hearing of Supreme Court Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The information, which supposedly included home addresses and phone numbers, was posted – or doxxed – on the senators’ respective Wikipedia pages, where users are allowed to update the information at any time. The information has since been removed.

All three targeted senators were members of the Senate Judiciary Committee who questioned both Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh regarding Ford’s allegations that he sexually assaulted her over 36 years ago. The leaking of information occurred sometime after the three lawmakers questioned Kavanaugh.


And should Kavanaugh be confirmed, democrats have promised to kill destroy him. Here is the threat.

This is the best of democrats. This is the best of the media.

The notoriously squishy Sen. Jeff Flake demanded another (that will make 7) FBI investigation and so Trump has ordered one. Raise your hand if you think any democrats will change their minds once Kavanaugh is again exonerated. And before you could blink, Ford’s attorney Katz demanded that there be no time limit to the FBI investigation.

Oh, BTW, here is the letter written by the PhD Ford


Realistically, one needs to examine the preponderance of of evidence. Kavanaugh had contemporaneous journals, witnesses and an exemplary life of service. Ford had memory loss and no corroboration.

Democrats were not and are not serious about Ford’s accusations. Were they truly serious they would not have sat on them for seven weeks without acting. That tells you all you need to know.

It is also amusing for anyone to think that Kavanaugh could be such a boozing and sexual-assaulting youngster and somehow still manage to be at the top of his class throughout his academic career.

But out of all this horror, I have a new hero

It was a speech for all time.

This shitshow is undeniable proof that the media is the hand maiden of the left. It also is undeniable proof that democrats suck.

Liberalism once again is proven to be a mental illness.

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