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Welcome back everybody! Football is back, between college ball returning last weekend and the NFL this weekend. Just as the summer is generally a slower time of year, the steady stream of Leftist insanity we had during the warmer months has immediately shifted into high gear now that the fall is here. Let’s get to it!

8/29 – They Love Him Now: But Hypocritical Leftists Used To Trash John McCain

I had a few pieces on The Radical Left’s sudden beatification of McCain last week; here’s a more complete roundup

8/30 – It’s come to this: Andrew Cuomo calls officers who take criminal aliens & human traffickers off the street ‘a bunch of thugs’

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew. The race for the title of “Dumbest Cuomo” is a marathon, not a sprint!

8/31 – CNN’s Cuomo Melts Down After Being Called Out On His Own Show For Defending Antifa

Chris, Chris, Chris. The race for the title of “Dumbest Cuomo” is a marathon, not a sprint!

8/31 – They Day

This proposed idiocy from Down Under is exactly what it sounds like.

9/1 – Ryan Gosling’s new movie First Man starring Barack Obama

Don’t ever change, People’s Cube; don’t ever change.

9/1 – Pope Calls Plastics Littering Oceans An ‘Emergency’

I genuinely miss the days when the phrase “Is the Pope Catholic?” was funny


Part of me wishes that these scandals with China could involve a few Republicans so that the MSM and the rest of The Radical Left in America could pretend to give a damn about this.

9/2 – Tourism still suffering after The Red Hen denied Sanders



This could be (and might end up as) a post of its own, but for now I’ll just sum this up with the prediction made by Facebook commenter Mark T:

The NFL died of COLIN cancer

9/4 – Feckless Republicans rolled by mob rule in Kavanaugh hearing

You know the headline I’d like to see some day?
“Democrats go one f***ing week without acting like a bunch of toddlers who didn’t get their sippy cup quickly enough”

9/5 – Nike’s Kaepernick Gets Endorsement From Former Leader Of Terror-Sponsoring State 

In all fairness, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is probably only slightly less Anti-Semitic than you average Leftist

9/6 – University of Minnesota Tries To Dismiss Lawsuit From Shapiro And YAF

Shorter argument: “The fact that we didn’t nip our campus Brown Shirts in the bud and allowed them to flourish it’s now too inconvenient for us to stand up to them and enforce the law.” In the words of the late, great Ronnie James Dio, “If you listen to fools, The Mob Rules!”

9/7 – NFL can’t be happy about Eagles-Falcons TV ratings

After two years of declining television ratings, the early numbers from Thursday night’s season opener between the Eagles and Atlanta Falcons can’t be the start the NFL was hoping for.

According to numbers provided by NBC, the Eagles-Falcons primetime opener drew a 13.4 overnight rating, down eight percent from last year’s NFL kickoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots.

And the reason? It can’t be related to wokeness!

While there has been loud criticism of the NFL by President Trump over allowing players to protest racial injustice during the national anthem, the ratings declines are mostly being driven by viewers eliminating their cable subscriptions in favor of streaming services. Starting this season, the NFL is allowing fans to stream in-market and primetime games live on their phones and tablets using the NFL Mobile or Yahoo Sports apps.

News flash, genius. The game was nationally broadcast on NBC. Which isn’t on cable.

9/7 – Boycott the NFL? Think Again

Now that I think about it, the author of this post has an interesting view of the boycotts.

From the vault, we continue the Economics for Politicians series with Lesson 2: Introduction to Microeconomics – Why Prices Matter

And of course, with the return of football season I present to you the updated for 2018 Top 100 Reasons The Philadelphia Eagles Are The Coolest Team in Football

One last note, as you go through the Tweet roundup be sure to click on the video embedded in the last one to get the accompanying audio. Watch to the end – you won’t be disappointed!

Have a great weekend!

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