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Well into his second year in the Oval Office, President Trump has, by any objective measure of pro-freedom and applied common sense, accomplished more that most Presidents in memory.  That is, “more” with respect to moving America positively forward as a successful Nation, rather than allowing it to recede into stagnant oblivion, rushing over the cliff of socialism and into the abyss of communism.   


Ignore his personality. Look at the powerful results already accomplished.  Unlike too many of the CEOs made abnormally wealthy by Wall Street bankers who focus on thirty day results, Trump has brought an unusual mission to his Administration — long term goals, with strategies to stabilize the Nation’s foundations and invigorate its engines for long term stability.

Submerged in unsurprising ignorance, almost one hundred percent of the media whines about everything President Trump touches or thinks of touching.  The end of the world is announced each and every day.  For example, Trump’s “positioning” confrontations with the EU, Canada, China, or Mexico, on trade tariffs are met with uninformed loathing.  

The media would rather a President lead with submissive posturing, hoping, pleading, and begging for fairness from the Merkels and Macrons of the world. Is it really a surprise that the levels of EU tariffs on American-made cars have minimized that market for the U.S.?  The media disparages the strategy as an attack on our allies, and accuses Trump of having “protectionist trade policies”, using the term protectionist as a derogatory and condescending term.  No, he’s for pro American worker trade policies.  And the roof isn’t going to fall in.

Trump clearly does not want to waste time taking the long road that past Presidents have taken to nowhere.  He knows what he needs to achieve with his strategy and he has executed for maximum results in a timely manner.  

Is it a surprise that Merkel has already announced that she is ready to reduce German tariffs?  The MSM must be astonished that Germany sells more cars to the US than the rest of it’s EU comrades.  The MSM must be really confounded into a stupor by discovering the fact that Germany is racing toward outright energy dependence on Russia as it fills Putin’s coffers with billions of dollars.

Isn’t it peculiar that Obama, Bush and Clinton didn’t care enough for America’s manufacturing infrastructure to attempt anything remotely like what Trump is actually getting done?   He’s even offering zero tariffs. How’s that for a gambit?  Zero tariffs isn’t likely to occur, but oh, everybody run, the roof is going to cave in. 

The roof will also not cave in when our European allies finally begin contributing their fair share of NATO costs.  The media feigned dismay and shock when Trump told the NATO member states, “. . . You gotta pay your bills.”   If the world believes the neo-Marxist media, Trump is declaring an attack on our allies. Instead, these unbalanced, bias-blinded observers should welcome a President thinking about fairness for America’s taxpayers, and the long term benefit of a more balanced relationship with Europe. 

For the near term, some of  us will enjoy the unqualified and ignorant media’s reaction to the President’s dressing down of Germany for its cozy multibillion dollar energy entanglement with Putin’s Russia. In that stroke Trump is also exposing the insanity of the “collusion” lie which the left has been chanting since election night. 

Western Europe has long been conflicted on its Russian and Iranian affiliations.  Much like Canada and its complete dependence on China for financing, building, and filling a million condos feeding its out-of-control immigration industry. Not a word against China’s tech thefts, or cash laundering, healthcare abuse, etc., or you’ll be attacked with accusations of racism.  Canada’s senior bankers, just like the EU’s senior bankers, control the political landscape.  Their wealth comes first.  

In their midsts this week, and as the CEO of the world’s most powerful Nation, Trump is an unwelcome disrupter.  Unlike Obama who had a deep need to be liked internationally, Trump is a cyclone deliberate on moving toward long term international stability rather than the destabilizing path his predecessors have accepted.  He is impeding globalists’ long term plans for a border-less western world, accelerated through counter-cultural and overwhelming “multiculturalism”. 

This contemptible media-fuelled absurdity feigns “caring” while knowing full well the inevitable outcome of weakening America and Europe through socialism.  The daily barrage of sanctimonious hypocrisy from talking heads across America and Western Europe lacks common sense, and is void of basic intelligence. 

So let’s take a closer look.  Notice that the media fears confronting the reality that Gerhard Schroeder is unabashedly sitting as director of numerous Russian energy companies controlled by Putin’s Gazprom and now sits as a director of Gazprom itself.   Does anyone notice the irony in the fact that Schroeder, Merkel’s predecessor, guides Putin’s energy empire, while Germany, the world’s fourth largest economy, is committed to annually feeding billions of dollars to Russia?  Is it surprising that Schroeder is lambasting President Trump, and telling Merkel to ignore the President’s call for spending 2% on defence?  Schroeder is in effect a member of Putin’s administration.  Germany’s enormous energy deals with Putin, places it squarely within Russia’s sphere of influence. How’s that for evidence of a malignant political class leading the western world?  

Germany, the EU’s leader, cannot be beholden to Putin while at the same time respond to President Trump’s demands to strengthen its commitment to remain a strong force against Russia.  It makes little sense that our media applauds Merkel’s shovelling of billions to Putin, while it attacks Trump’s tightening of sanctions on Russia.   It is beyond the bounds of reasoning minds that the media would worship Merkel, but denigrate President Trump. 

From their ivory towers in Brussels the authoritarians dispense decrees that macerate personal freedoms across all of Europe. The millions of America’s left who worship this globalist collectivism, do not comprehend the consequences. Their leaders understand — they all dream of being Lenins, or Stalins, or Maos, or Xis, and the flapping lips in the media are their co-conspirators.  

None of this bodes well for the American Constitution.  The left must change it and eventually replace it. It will be unrelenting until God given rights and liberty are wiped from America’s foundation.  

Trump, with all of his flaws, seems one of the few in power standing against the neo-Marxist wave which seeks to weaken America, just as it has weakened Europe.   

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