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Welcome back everyone! As always, Lefty lunacy never takes a vacation:

6/9 – Denver Church’s Sign Causes Controversy: ‘Jesus Would’ve Baked That Cake’

A very well thought-out counter argument via The Chicks on the Right



6/9 – Church Sued for Resisting LGBT Agenda

Stories like this don’t get a lot of press these days, but it’s important to remember that The Gaystapo are not slowing down their efforts to promote anti-Christian bigotry

6/9 – Ethics, in journalism? Don’t make me laugh!

Apparently ‘rarely’ means a three-year relationship, and ‘paying sources’ means, well, you know. And if Miss Watkins truly did disclose her relationship to the editors of the Times, then there is only one possible conclusion: the editors knew what was happening, and approved.

6/10 – Why Democrats Hear a Secret Racist Dog Whistle and Republicans Don’t

If you don’t follow Dilbert creator Scott Adams I highly recommend. This piece does a great job of addressing all of the various charges of racism, but stops short of the simplest explanation for why the Radical Left uses the word “racist” like a comma. Basically, when confronted with facts that they’re intellectually incapable of understanding or emotionally unwilling to accept, it’s easier to lash out at the bearer of bad news than to question one’s religious beliefs

6/11 – Bill Maher: I’m Hoping for a Recession Because That’s ‘One Way You Get Rid of Trump’

This week’s reminder that Democrats are horrible people who hate America

6/12 – Juanita Broaddrick’s Book about Alleged Clinton Rape Disappears from Amazon


6/13 – Oh really: Wonkblog claims minimum wage workers can’t afford a 2-bedroom apartment anywhere

Immediately dispelled by that racist, misogynistic, xenophobic phenomena known as “facts and reality”

6/13 – McDonald’s To Begin Equipping Stores with Self-Ordering Kiosks, 1000 Per Quarter, Until All Human Order-Takers Are Replaced by 2020


6/14 – The 5 Weirdest Things About Being a Conservative Who Doesn’t Love Trump

I agreed with four of them, but #2 did not surprise me in the least. Or to write it like a Buzzfeed contributor, “Reason #2 WILL SHOCK you!”


It would be nice if the media took the of year anniversary of the shooting to discuss the end results of the hateful rhetoric of The radical Left

No ICYMI with any new posts this week, as the one I wanted to post would have gone up on Thursday and it seemed pointless to put up a new post with all of the traffic from the IG report. You’ll be seeing my take on the new Han Solo movie and the death of Star Wars in the next day or two.

In the meantime, with the start of The World Cup I thought I’d share two links from the archives related to soccer. First, Why Soccer Will Never Be Truly Popular in the United States (Spoiler: It’s because we’re awesome – ‘Muraca baby!), and the other is An Easy Way to Secure Equal Pay for the US Womens’ Soccer Team.

Have a great weekend and Happy Fathers’ Day to all of the dads out there!

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