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Another week of news, another week of 0ur friends on The Radical Left going completely crazy! Starting with…

6/2 – The Left’s war on kids

Keep an eye on what happens overseas – this one was in Australia and serves as a blueprint for what they want  done here.

6/2 – NFL players are plotting to STRIKE BACK at the NFL kneeling ban – here’s how

I doubt that there’s any substance to this story, but if players decide to go this route there are a lot of guys who want to play who will be grateful for their efforts.


Simple answers to why The Radical Left obsesses over a figure as minor as Paul Manafort

6/4 – Portland sees bloody fighting as Antifa activists storm Patriot Prayer rally

At what point does the Federal Government follow the lead of New Jersey and label the Antifa scum as a terrorist organization?

6/5 – FEMINISTS RUIN MISS AMERICA: Bye Bye Swimsuits! | Louder With Crowder (Video)

For all of the videos being made on this “Shooting fish in a barrel” topic, Crowder makes the best point – the Feminists who scream the loudest that beauty pageants are objectifying are the same ones wearing p*ssy hats and going out on Slut Walks

6/6 – Connecticut parents petition to ban transgender female track athletes

More of this, please. I think that this idiocy will start to come to an end when college guys lose or are denied athletic scholarships and declaring themselves trans to get female scholarships becomes normal. Title IX, bitches!

6/7 – Bill Clinton’s Lessons

One of the last non-#NeverTrump writers at National Review, Jim Geraghty, makes an interesting case for the mistake Democrats made in backing Bill Clinton back in the day


Spoiler alert: This link is about Iran, not today’s Democrats

ICYMI – I looked back on The Month that We Learned that Democrats Are Horrible People Who Hate America

Have a great weekend!

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