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Well, that was quite a week. It’s not a question of what drove The Radical Left crazy this week, but more of a question of what didn’t? First let’s jump back a month to the always great Glenn Reynolds:

4/9 – Looking for ‘solutions’ to mass killings? Start with punishing failure.

Since punishing failure means accepting responsibility there’s no way we’ll get The Radical Left on board with this one.

5/11 – Brown Shirt starter kits call police because OFFENDEDITIS!

The legendary 70s Punk band The Dead Kennedys had some great advice as to how to address Nazi punks (NSFW language at link)

5/11 – Male Student Accuses Female Student of Sexual Assault. She Says He Wanted Revenge.

Title IX creates a prisoner’s dilemma: students have to file sexual misconduct complaints to avoid becoming the accused.

Well done, Radical Left. Well done.

5/11 – School district shuts down information after Stoneman Douglas shooting

This is why it’s to hard to take The Radical Left seriously. One would think that when their ideas fail they’d be angriest at the ones who prove them to be so wrong. WHich is why instead they just get angrier at Conservatives.

5/11 – SHOCKER! 2 of ‘Big 3’ evening newscasts took a pass on this BIG Trump-related story

In all fairness, they were only the leaders of some JV team.


Lovett is right to worry that Steyer’s ad may hurt Democrats. The ad may do so because it pulls back the curtain on the attitude of the left towards those who disagree with them. To the extent the left views being Republican as a deadly personal failing or mental illness, Americans can easily imagine the measures it would advance to cure the “problem.”


As much as I like good news like this as much as the next Conservative, I think it would be foolish for the GOP to ignore how much money the various Soros/Steyer, etc. groups have been dumping into the local & state elections. Which means they’re probably ignoring it.

5/12 – Moonbat Child Rearing: Theybies

The story includes an embedded video from Mark Dice. If you haven’t heard of him you’ll want to check his YouTube channel, where every weekday he releases a new vid giving the Radical Left the mockery they so richly deserve!

5/12 – Liberal Lunatics Now Want to Give ‘Human Rights’ to Rivers and Streams

I haven’t really read Wizbang since my old inspiration to become a blogger, Jay Tea, left (you can look him up in the archives), but this has some great analysis of how The Radical Left is going on offense and playing the long game. Our side needs to pay attention and learn.

5/12 – Liberals, You’re Not as Smart as You Think

As much as it pains me to link to The New York Times, it’s probably the most constructive piece I’ve seen directed at The Radical Left. See below in the tweet roundup for Iowahawk’s take on the article!

5/13 – Junk Scientists Weaponising Weather

Good like with some actual data for reference

5/13 – ‘The Notion of the Mythical Norm’

The Other McCain gives a great short look at modern Feminism and where its ideology’s endgame is leading.

5/14 – The phony debt rhetoric of tax reform opponents

Yes, Republicans (no Conservatives!) have been just as guilty, but this article contains some good reference links for any of your holier-than-thou Leftist pals suddenly discovering fiscal responsibility

5/14 – You’ve probably never heard of this report, but it’s saved taxpayers billions

More good news. A better step would be to vet potentially redundant programs before they launch, but this is a start

5/15 – Seattle’s ‘Tax on Jobs’ Draws Outrage From Amazon, Starbucks

It’s hard to pick who to root for to lose in this – the politicians who don’t know the basic math of any number multiplied by zero equals zero, or these SJW corporations that get to the progressivism they love to force onto us normals shoved down their throats?

5/16 – As O’Care Premiums Soar, Dems Lie

…And we’re in the final stage of any failed Leftist policy – when an idea has failed so completely that you can’t BS people any more, lie as to whose fault it is


I’m still no huge fan of Kanye, but will always be grateful for his exposing the racism of so many Democrats


It must be wonderful to be so brilliant that it allows one to be oblivious to the failures of one’s cherished policies

For this week’s throwback, with the Euroweenies up in arms over our pulling out of the Iran fleecing deal and recognizing Israel’s capitol, seven years ago I called on the international community to start paying their fair share of taxes in A Call for Higher Taxes Part II

And finally, this isn’t new but let’s close out with a happy story about how a Toronto Restaurant Shocks Vegans Protesting Meat

Have a great weekend!

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