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Welcome back, everyone! Let’s jump right in with this gem!

The Delusionati: How to Bring Down the Left’s Entire House of Cards

This is a must read for how we can fight back against The Radical Left – the “Moral Ju-Jitsu” gives some great techniques that are insanely easy to use!

4/26 – Blue State Refugees

There are a few worthwhile click throughs about how Leftist dominated states/cities are driving out residents. The post linked here has an interesting take on how to assimilate these people from a foreign culture into American life

4/27 – It’s a Slow Burn Cultural Revolution

Short post on the latest statue being removed, this time in Pittsburgh. If nothing else, read the last paragraph

4/28 – In the Gun-free Paradise of the People’s Republic of China…

Another great argument for the 2nd amendment. Not that we need any more

4/28 – What Leftists Stand For

Good list, and a pretty scary what our Leftist counterparts believe


Bold prediction: The truth will not receive the same attention from the media as the hoax

4/28 – The United Kingdom is Out of Time

Literally! Even I was surprised at this one, and there isn’t much left that can do that these days

4/28 – European Court of Human Rights stops France from deporting Islamic hate preacher


4/28 – After Hamas leader calls on crowd to become martyrs, hundreds surge Gaza-Israel border fence

When even the New York Times is presenting facts you know that things are bad.

4/29 – Conservative Comes Out .

Funny vid about a guy coming out to his ultra-lib parents

4/30 – McCain Hammers Trump in New Book, Announces ‘This Is My Last Term’


Who knows? An Arizona US Senate seat may flip Republican.

4/30 – A new Clinton wave is coming this spring

Here’s an interesting philosophical question. Should the Democrats try to make a legal case that every time Hillary talks it counts as an indirect campaign contribution to every Republican? Any legal minds out there care to weigh in?


Yes, The Radical Left was doing their usual purring and giggling over the 100 million dead that Marx’s teaching inspired. If nothing else, scroll halfway down for Horowitz’s thoughts on Mein Kampf.

5/1 – Kanye Has Them Shaking in Their Boots

While some Conservatives have been a little bit too enthusiastic about Kanye, let’s not forget that the guy is bat (guano) crazy. This makes all the more interesting the fury that his remarks have generated from the Radical Left, as opposed to them just dismissing him as crazy. Click the link for some particularly noxious remarks from Aunt Esther

5/2 – NBC News: How Can People Who Don’t Think Trump Is Truthful Still Support Him?

Shouldn’t we want our politicians to be honest, though? Of course! But what was our choice in 2016 again? It was between a candidate who has lied and prevaricated for years … and also Donald Trump. The other candidate not only lied, but corrupted government in hiding her official communications as Secretary of State from Congress and the courts, and then lied about that for the next several years. She’s still lying about it to this day. And what happened when she got caught? Nothing. No one held her accountable at all, except finally American voters.

Basically, voters had the choice between the distrustful candidate who didn’t hate them and the dishonest one who still does hate them

5/3 – A Leftist Core Belief: Denying Evil

Contrast leftist views on what leftists call “hate” speech directed at Muslims and the attacks on Candace Owens and Kanye West. Since Muslims can’t be evil, leftists condemn anyone who brings up the truth about the beliefs of radical Muslims. On the other hand, when blacks espouse beliefs that leftists reject, such as the right to free speech or the right of blacks to hold differing opinions, leftists engage in the most vile, hateful rhetoric, because in their hearts, leftists believe that their opinions are the only good ones and that anyone who disagrees with them is evil.

5/4 – The Media Is Killing the Democratic Party

Fact check: False. The media IS party of the Democratic party, faithfully serving as their PR wing.

And from the archives, as a bookend to the Moral Ju-Jitsu piece that led off this week’s post, here is one from almost two years ago, Is The Left’s Biggest Strength Also the Key to How We Defeat Them? (2 of 2)

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone – have a great time culturally appropriating tonight!

And we’ve got some extra tweets this week – Twitter was in rare form!

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