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Happy Saturday – let’s jump right in!

2/21 – CNN thinks that socialism is cool. My grandparents from the USSR would disagree.

One has to admire the Radical Left’s ability to ignore facts when they are determined to not learn from history

3/30 – So Tired of the Nonstop Whining

LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP Left activists continue their perpetual tantrum, today’s ‘worst injustice ever suffered by any people in history’ is because the 2020 Census might not include questions about sexual orientation.

FFS, what business is it of the Government’s anyway?

3/30 – Swedish student suspended for telling the truth about Muslim migrant sex crimes

This week’s edition of “For all of the wars that they fought over the centuries, I’m amazed to see Western Europe being conquered without a single shot being fired” – Part I

3/31 – No-Go Zones War Zones: Sweden’s chief prosecutor admits “police can’t enforce the law in areas controlled by Muslim migrants”

This week’s edition of “For all of the wars that they fought over the centuries, I’m amazed to see Western Europe being conquered without a single shot being fired” – Part II

3/31 – How Soon Before George Washington Is Erased?

This must come as a shock to…. nobody.

3/31 – Coffee in California now served with sugar, cream and a cancer warning

It is most fortunate that California does not have more serious problems to worry about!

4/1 – The New York Times Supports The Use Of ‘Secret Science’ At EPA

Yes, being “pro-science” means keeping your methodology and findings secret. It’s a relief to know that these people are so much smarter than the rest of us!

4/2 – Brazile: Democratic Party Told Me ‘Shut up, Donna’ and ‘I Said Hell No’

What is it with sexist Democrats trying to silence women? Or is this just another case of racism?

4/3 – ESPN’s AM WokeCenter Debuts To Worst Ratings Ever

As much as ESPN’s political crud is irritating, I’m not laughing at this for that reason. I’m laughing at them for blowing money on this project after ruining their best show, NFL Matchup, by replacing Jaws and Hodgie with two lower salaried dullards. I do miss playing “Guess how many hours of game film Hodgie watched this week” with Sister Babe…


The Avengers run is coming to an end — Iron Man and Captain America will be leaving the movie series, to be replaced by… Captain Marvel (wow!!!). Star Wars is now such a damaged brand that people can make more money on YouTube by goofing on the franchise than by hyping up the franchise (which many people used to do).

And Disney’s ESPN is Woke Toilet.

Can’t wait to see this company really humbled.

4/3 – The Washington Post Reports That 36% Of College Students Don’t Have Enough Food To Eat. That’s A Lie.

Never let facts get in the way of a narrative!

4/3 – New York Times Reportedly In ‘Civil War’ With Its Own ‘Woke’ Millennial Reporters

The senior staff at the NYT isn’t radical enough for its younger staffers. Let that one sink in.

The younger staffers are reportedly angry with the hire of op-ed contributors Bret Stephens and Bari Weiss, the decision not to fire accused harasser Glenn Thrush, and being banned from participating in political demonstrations like the Women’s March.

The Vanity Fair piece comes after Slack transcripts leaked to the Huffington Post showed reporters complaining about Weiss and constant “microaggressions” at the paper.

In both stories, the “woke” faction of the Times complained that opinion columnists were allowed to tweet their opinions on Twitter, but “a Times reporter could conceivably get into hot water for tweeting something that seems to endorse gun control or Black Lives Matter.”

4/4 – Lawsuit Describes ‘Pervasively Hostile’ Anti-Jewish Atmosphere at San Francisco State

Anti-Semitism on a college campus located in Deep Blue territory? I m shocked! Shocked, I say!

4/4 – Scott Pruitt Is Trump’s Biggest Asset. That’s Why The Left Wants Him Gone

But unlike so many Republican politicians in the world today, Pruitt has not been deterred. He worked to scrap Obama administration regulations that exceeded EPA authority and harmed the coal industry. He rescinded confusing and contradictory water rules that hurt farmers and ranchers. He shepherded the U.S. departure from the uneven and horribly negotiated Paris climate accord. He is demanding scientific rigor for agency work.

Pruitt is not some anti-environmentalist but someone who wants the EPA to do what Congress charges it with doing to improve the nation’s environment. So he awarded $100 million to upgrade drinking water in Flint, Michigan, and began an effort to eradicate lead poisoning from drinking water. He committed additional funds to deal with the EPA’s botching of the Gold King Mine release that polluted Colorado and Utah.

4/5 – Calif. Cities Suing Exxon Forced to Walk Back Key Claim

Climate Cultists lying to further their cause? I am shocked! Shocked I say!

4/5 – Take the Loss, NeverTrump, and Move On

Some good, constructive criticism for the #NeverTrump crowd. It’s certainly more constructive than the criticism that the #NeverTrumpers have had for our president

Now, would you like some less than constructive criticism from Ace of Spades regarding Kevin Williamson getting fired from The Atlantic? Of course you would! (censorship mine)

Maybe David French, Ben Sasse, and the Other Cucks Should Just Officially and Openly Negotiate with the Left to Preserve a Small Portion of Their Own Remaining Freedoms in Exchange for Stripping the Rest of Us of All of Ours. It’s What They’re Doing Sub Rosa — Might as Well Just Make it Official.
The Crocodile kept its side of the bargain — it left you for last. You can’t complain now that it moves on to taking its end of the bargain and begins eating you.

Memo to David French and Other Cucks: You Were Perfectly Fine With Your Leftist Friends Dividing the Nation Into The Tolerable — Who Had Free Speech Rights — and the Intolerable — Who No Longer Had Speech Rights — So Long as Your Leftist Friends Kept You On the “Tolerable” Side of the Ledger.
Only Now That the Crocodile Has Fulfilled Its Agreement — To Eat Everyone Else Before Eating You — and Is Now Licking Its Chops as It Approaches Your Sad Soft Fat Cuck (Posterior) Do You Raise a Stink. Go (Reproduce With) Yourself, French. You Deserve What’s Coming, Because You Enabled It and Cheerleaded For It Along the Way.

The cucks were all on-board to empower the left to take out their enemies for them, and are now squirting tears now that the left has taken out the disreputable people (who were never really the target — they barely register) and moved on to the “reputable” types who can actually influence public opinion.

Who were the actual targets from the beginning. They just had to get there more slowly.
They didn’t see this coming. Everyone else did, but not them. But they’re The Experts whose expert analysis of the political situation you should obey without question — just ask them. They’ve gotten everything wrong so far; certainly they must be due for a “W” one of these days, right?

4/6 – Science Is Racism, or Something

From the party of science!

And from the archives, with the MSM’s sudden disinterest in the YouTube shooter once it was learned that nothing about the narrative helped advance their radical leftist agenda it seemed a good time to look back almost five years ago, when I lamented “If only the Boston Marathon Bombers Were Non-white Americans 

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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