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Welcome back, and hopefully your NCAA bracket wasn’t destroyed too completely by the upsets – let’s get straight to the crazy!

3/15 – California: The Crazy State

It’s a “radical agenda” to enforce the law, according to California Democrats, and “California represents the future,” by which we may suppose Sen. Harris means that homeless crackheads will soon be defecating on streets everywhere, from coast to coast.

A suggestion for Republicans: Given that California is a Democrat stronghold, and that the few vulnerable GOP-held House seats in the state are home to middle-class people who don’t want crackheads on their streets, make the midterm campaign a referendum on California.

3/16 – Navy Floats Idea of Atheist Chaplains

Before we rush to judgement of this seeming absurdity, they may be onto something here. How about having Chaplains for Climatistas and Leftists in general? Both are also belief systems that are based completely on faith! Of course, unlike most religions, whose assumptions can’t be proven true, Leftists’ various beliefs are all easily proven false. Hey, nobody ever accused cult followers of being smart!

3/16 – Howard University Professor: School Choice Is Racism. No, It Isn’t. It’s A Serious Solution To Racial Inequality.

As always, The Radical Left gets it completely backward. Wouldn’t it be racist to force nonwhite students to sit in a class taught by someone as stupid as Natalie Hopkins?

3/16 – University of California: It Is Racist to Deny Being Racist

If “I’m not a racist” is code for racism, try my response – laugh and say “Go (copulate) yourself, Libtard!”

3/16 – On the Gina Haspel torture story: fake, but inaccurate

You’ve got to admire Leftists – never let facts or reality get in the way of one’s beliefs. I’m old enough to remember when media outlets vetted their sources.

3/17 – AP, NBC Won’t Admit That Fired McCabe Was Found to Have Lied

I guess this would be more offensive if these were still considered news outlets

3/17 – Seth Rich’s family sues Fox News over spreading Fake News (Video)

Good clip pointing out that our side isn’t impervious to conspiracy theories, either.

3/17 – Deep State Attacks: Gov’t ‘Fusion Centers’ Spying On Patriots Concerned About Islam

For all of the wars that they fought over the centuries, I’m amazed to see Western Europe being conquered without a single shot being fired –  Part I

3/17 – Whistleblowers silenced for trying to expose Britain’s worst ever Muslim child rape scandal

For all of the wars that they fought over the centuries, I’m amazed to see Western Europe being conquered without a single shot being fired –  Part II

3/17 – California travel ban over out-of-state LGBT policies keeps team out of NASA rocketry event in Alabama

Yes, the anti-science crowd that thinks there are 52 genders is discouraging kids who want to learn more about science. OK, it makes sense now.

3/18 – Australian elections: Left-Green lose — Weatherill’s revolutionary battery powered state runs out of power

The government running the renewables crash-test-dummy state of the world has lost

3/18 –
Sorry, Feminists, Your Inability to Tell A Man ‘No’ Does Not Constitute Sexual Assault

At least this is one label no Lefty Loon will try hanging on me! Prior to Sister Babe my approach with women was best described by paraphrasing the great For Fairlane: “Some played hard to get. I played hard to want.”

3/19 – Tailgates at the Green Bay Packers’ Lambeau Field are under attack, thanks to shameless lobbyists

OK lefties, I know you’ve been having fun trying to ruin football for us normals, but trust me when I tell you not to f*** with football fans’ tailgating.

3/19 – Democratic Congressman Hints at Armed Rebellion Against Trump

I’ll leave this to The Oregon Muse over at Ace of Spades:

On the other hand, they don’t seem to understand why they’re finding themselves in a jam that can only be remedied by an armed insurrection, to wit: they’ve spent the last 8 years weaponizing the federal government — and then they gave the keys to Donald Trump. Way to go, geniuses. They’ve apparently never heard Sun Tzu’s famous maxim: Never attack your enemy with something you don’t want taken from you and shoved up your butt.

3/20 – Welcome to the New Class Warfare

You’ve got to hand it to Democrats – they’ve shown so much contempt for average Americans that they’ve transformed a New York real estate tycoon millionaire into a hero of the working class. Well done!


More to the point, Slow Joe’s tirade is another reminder–not that we needed it–that Trump drives his political opponents around the bend. They say he is crude, vulgar and boorish. On occasion he is. But has Trump ever said anything as boorish as Biden’s absurd boast that in high school, he would have “beat[en] the hell out of” someone because he is a “pretty damn good athlete?” And while Trump sometimes insults people, and sometimes goes too far in doing so, I can’t remember him dishing out the equivalent of “the fattest, ugliest SOB in the room.”

The Democrats need to get a grip, but instead they seem to be falling ever deeper into blind rage.

3/22 – Why Republicans Are Right To Impeach Pennsylvania’s Rogue Supreme Court Justices Over Gerrymandering

I’ll have to admit that I was torn seeing the US Supreme Court refuse to hear this case (respecting the rights of states) but was wondering what recourse citizens had against an abusive state judicial system – this is encouraging.

3/23 – Dude Who Claimed Sex With Obama Is Livid At Media’s Obsession With Stormy Daniels

There’s little substance to the claims (which the post acknowledges), but that headline is too damned funny to not post!

And finally, you might recall my Villain of the Year for 2017 being America’s comedians for being so howlingly unfunny in their efforts to mock our president. So whenever I see something genuinely funny I like to give credit where it’s due. This week’s entry is courtesy of that great Christian-based humor site, The Babylon Bee!

Aides Gently Inform Trump He Can’t Fire Portrait Of George Washington

Have a great weekend everybody!

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