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Happy Saturday everybody! Lots of crazy to get to, so let’s jump right in starting with a few from last week:

2/13 – A Racist Con-Man: Obama’s Portrait Artist, Who Hires Cheap Chinese Labor To Paint “His” Work, Says “Kill Whitey” Is A Major Theme

I’m in the minority on this, but I would have liked the portraits had the Obamas done normal adult portraits for their official ones and used these for some other purpose. On the plus side, now that the precedent has been set for tacky, unprofessional portraits I can’t wait to see what Obama’s successor does when his time comes! Maybe something in the style of the man who survived Macho Grande?

2/16 – Kill a communist and receive £340, Philippines leader Duterte tells nation

Rodrigo Duterte also said the communists are easier to hit than birds because they have bigger heads.

His latest crass remarks, which the government issued to reporters yesterday, came after human rights groups condemned him this week for saying troops should shoot female communist guerrillas in the genitals to render them “useless”.

Wow. A world leader who out-Trumps President Trump!

2/22 – The patriarchal race to colonize Mars is just another example of male entitlement

I’m just going to let Ace sum up this one: (and it’s worth the click to read all of Ace’s comments)

No offense, but if women think that striving to achieve the impossible and add immeasurably to the sum of human knowledge and wealth is “patriarchal,” then:

1, It’s little wonder they make, allegedly 77 cents on each “male” dollar, and

2, 77 cents seems way too generous. Perhaps they’re being overpaid just because of their sex.

I’m going to psychically contact the Outer Planes and see if I can glimpse your future:

When you die alone, with your sixteen cats, even your cats will just shrug and quickly move on to find a more attractive woman to ignore.

2/23 – Those cheerleaders the media LOVED from North Korea are actually SEX SLAVES

I kind of wish that President Trump would praise the Nork cheerleaders so that Leftists could find it in their hearts to condemn their plight instead of slobbering all over them

2/24 – Top 5 Facts That Gun Control Advocates Hate

Only five? I thought that the anti-2nd Amendment crowd hated all of them


Abigail, don’t you think I know what you’ve done? Abigail…

2/24 – Moonbat Demands We Abolish Words That Include the Syllable “Man”

I’m always amazed at how few brain cells are needed to sustain human life…

2/24 – Schiff’s Memo Also States FBI, DOJ Used Dossier to Obtain Warrant

Remember, only government employees have the intelligence and morality to handle firearms.

2/24 – Germany: Muslim migrant thanks “Mama Merkel” for being able to practice polygamy on benefits

As the saying goes, you can have open borders or a welfare state, but not both.

2/24 – Democrats and Illegal Aliens versus the NRA and the Second Amendment

Link to a great infographic

2/25 – Gun Control Teen Activists Show Why We Shouldn’t Listen to Children. [VIDEO]

I reject the premise of this particular post – Its title suggests that Leftist adults are any more sane or rational.


Spoiler: it belongs in the Fiction section of libraries and book stores

2/25 – The Internet Drags ‘Vice’ After Complaining NRA Wants Women, Black People Armed

This week’s edition of “Your best sexism/ racism / any-ism comes from The Left!”

2/26 – WATCH: Leftist Students Freak Out When Panel Agrees Men And Women Are Different

Because… science!

2/26 – Lawsuit: 100,000 noncitizens registered to vote in Pennsylvania

Whatever you may think of Democrats, one has to admire their tenacity. Between last week’s story about their Democratic-controlled Supreme Court declaring itself a legislative body and now this it’s a good thing that the GOP establishment is dedicated to fighting… our president!

2/26 – Time to Go Ask Your Local Progressive Bakery to Bake an NRA Cake

Where have we heard this before? Ah, yes – I suggested three years ago that The Westboro Baptist Church could finally make a useful contribution to society! I now see the flaw in my logic – we restrict it to those b**tards? There’s no reason that us Normals can’t get in on the fun of tormenting The Radical Left

2/27 – Obama Claims His Administration ‘Didn’t Have a Scandal that Embarrassed Us’

Fact check: True. By “us”, our former President Obama means Democrats. And it’s impossible to feel embarrassment when you’re incapable of feeling shame.

2/27 – Dems Worry: Are We Overplaying The Gun-Control Hand?

Throw ’em an anvil!

2/27 – Caught: Gov’t Agency Lying About Sea Ice, Advancing Green Agenda

I am shocked! Shocked I say!

2/27 – CNN ‘Analyst’ Says Women Can’t Carry Guns Because of Their Wardrobe Choices

I have a suggestion for Comedy Central – scrap The Daily Show and just run clips of CNN.  They’re funnier than anything you can write and cost a lot less!

2/28 – Malkin: Open Government Isn’t Just Good Government – It’s the Public’s Right

I know that this is a rhetorical question, but shouldn’t the people who hate those of us who don’t share their blind faith in the benevolent genius of Big Government be the first ones wanting to show off how efficient and ethical their God truly is?

2/28 – New School Policing Info Marks Broward County’s Scott Israel An Ayn Rand Villain

The Wesley Mouch comparison absolutely nails it!

2/28 – Sabo strikes in advance of the 2018 Academy Awards

The great Conservative Street Artist gives the hypocritical windbags in Hollywood another well deserved tweak on their collective noses

3/1 – Leftists Now Branding NRA as Anti-Semitic

Yes, keeping citizens armed against a potentially repressive government is Anti-Semitic. It’s a good thing there are no historical examples that see any problems with this!

3/2 – Elsa May be Lesbian in ‘Frozen’ Sequel

I’ll never be able to confirm this because of his then inability to speak, but back when Little Bob was Baby Bob I’m pretty sure that Elsa was his first celebrity crush. Yep, even back then he he had the sense to pick up on some potential hot girl on girl action – that’s MY BOY!!!

All kidding aside, (copulate) off, Hollywood – can you please at least wait until our kids approach adolescence before you try to indoctrinate them?

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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