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After last week’s quick post we have one of our busiest weeks ever for insanity from our friends in the Radical Left! But first, one from the previous week (H/T Flopping Aces commenter “Bill… Deplorable Me”):

2/12 – Parents boycott ‘Peter Rabbit’ movie over food allergy scene

Right now I’m making my “I should be surprised at something this stupid but sadly I’m not” face

And going back a bit further…

10/6/2017 – 6 Reasons Your Right-Wing Friend Isn’t Coming To Your Side On Gun Control

As you can tell from the date this post was written in the aftermath of Las Vegas, and it’s still no less relevant today. I know that most Lefties have completely lost it since last week’s shooting, but if you know any who’ve held some shred of sanity they’ll hopefully appreciate this.


I can’t confirm if this is real or not, but I’ve learned to never misunderestimate the insanity of our Lefty pals

2/15 – Ohio Christian Parents Lose Custody of 17-Year-Old Daughter for Refusing Her Transgender Drugs

This week’s edition of “Whenever my Lefty pals wonder why a “Small l” Libertarian like me is so vehemently opposed to gay marriage it’s because I knew it wouldn’t end there. And that’s the problem with the Radical Left’s various grievance mongering identity groups – they always have to find a new grievance to intrude in our lives in order to justify their existence.”

2/16 – Venezuela’s man-made disaster rolls along

Your latest reminder that we were one rigged Democrat Party primary away from half of the country voting to turn the US into Venezuela

2/17 – Leftists Can’t Stand The Idea of Conservative Women

Or in a broader stroke, Leftists can’t stand anyone who doesn’t follow their rigid theology

2/17 – Police: MS-13 Illegal Aliens beat sex-trafficked girl with bat 28 times, ‘indented’ part of her body

For anyone who thinks that Leftists can be brought to see reason with a smack of some cold, hard reality, you can give up hope now. This incident took place in the deep blue DC suburb of Montgomery County.

2/17 – Minneapolis TV Station’s Reporters Puzzled by More Guns, Less Crime in the Gopher State

Of course, this article pays tribute to the great Fox Butterfield!

2/17 – Hijabs More Stylish in London Than in Middle East

The latest sad edition of the seeing the same nation that fought off the Nazis being slowly conquered without a single shot being fired

2/18 – Are More Laws The Answer?

Of course the irony is lost on the people who’ve been shrieking for more laws while they’ve spent the last year cheerleading the FBI trying to stage a coup instead of doing, you know, their jobs.

2/18 – Establishment media slams Clint Eastwood film for not portraying Islamic jihad terrorist sympathetically

There is really nothing I can add to this one.

2/19 – Mitt Romney Launches Anti-Trump Campaign Ad, Gets Wrecked on Social Media

Putting aside any of my grievances I’ve had and still have w/ Romney, apart from the bit about immigration I thought it was a pretty good ad. Am I off on this? Let me know in the comments!

2/19 – Robert De Niro Shows by Example the Shortcomings of Dropping Out of High School

Yes, I posted this for the headline alone but the story itself is still worth the click.

“Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime.”

2/19 – How an Alt-Right Bot Network Took Down Al Franken

Of course, this kind of weapons grade stupidity would come from the former news source known as Newsweek! See the tweet roundup below for some follow up


I’m reminded of a line from the greatest movie ever made – “The use of unnecessary force in the apprehension of the Blues Brothers… has been approved.”

2/19 – Pennsylvania’s constitutional crisis

This isn’t the most glamorous story in this post, but probably the most important. If you only click on one story this week, please take five minutes to read this one.

2/20 – Security Officials Recommended Pruitt Fly First Class

The same Radical Left whining about this are the same ones not giving a damn about the death threats coming via the toxic culture that they’ve been brewing

2/20 – Trump Is, In Fact, Taking On High Drug Prices

Government price controls vs. free markets – take a guess which one works?


I’m not as concerned with this as I used to be. Very simply, this is just a case of one culture that no longer believes in itself being supplanted by one that does.

2/20 – State Sen. Foreman to ‘Safe Sex’ Lobbyists: ‘Abortion Is Murder … What You Guys Do Stinks’

If you want something to put a smile on your face, read this story!

2/20 – Trump rebound has Democrats fretting over midterms

Democrats now have to run against more money in Americans’ pockets via lower energy costs, lower drug costs,  and lower taxes

2/21 – Trump’s Energy Policy Is Working

See preceding story!


Cool! I can’t wait for the inevitable “Pro-Gang Rape” billboards that will eventually follow!

2/22 – MS-13 Gang Now in 22 States Thanks to Flood of Illegals, DACA


2/22 – Note To ‘Experts’: Obama Is Not a Top 10 President

There’s nothing in this post that will surprise you, but it’s a good story to bookmark as reference

2/23 – Teachers Protest: #ArmMeWith Anything But Guns

Great. Now we have people who don’t even understand the basic term of what it means to be armed teaching our kids. But thanks for the free advertisement for School Choice!

Closing out this week’s stories, from those masters of clean humor over at The Babylon Bee: Thoughts, Prayers Prove Ineffective At Preventing Neil DeGrasse Tyson From Saying Moronic Things On Twitter

And finally, one from the archives. This week we’ve had some silly talk about lowering the voting age as the youngsters we’ve seen on TV and marching in protests show why that would be a bad idea. I’m feeling mightily prescient because four years ago I asked if it was time to raise the voting age!

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