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Welcome back, and congratulations to those of you survived the cold snap thanks to President Trump’s efforts to get more planet warming gasses into the atmosphere! You’d think this would get some thanks from our pals on the Left, so of course what we get instead is the usual crazy:

1/5 – FEEL THE BERN: This ‘Pay Your Fair Share’ Cafe Proves Socialism is the Worst

It ends exactly how you’d expect

1/5 – Multiple Tim Hortons franchises, other businesses cut pay, benefits, citing minimum wage hike

Your latest edition of “Reality: 1, Economically Illiterate Leftists: 0”

1/6 – Is there a single Democrat anywhere who gives a damn about America?

Short answer: No.

1/6 – Ah, yes, the wonders of universal healthcare

It aways amazes me how many Americans hate the people in their lives enough to want to subject them to the tender mercies of Britain’s NHS for health “care”.

1/6 – It’s Feminist Science

Yes, asking questions in class is now toxic masculinity.

1/6 – Ahed Tamimi supporters call for Intifada at Grand Central Station protest

Hooray for Pallywood!


Liberals have been seized by a sort of dementia in which their obsessive hatred for President Trump blinds them to reality and causes them to say things, every day, that are inexplicably stupid. The Associated Press, unfortunately, has succumbed to that dementia.

1/6 – Have Trump’s critics lost their sense of humor?

I hate asinine headlines like this – Is the author implying that Trump critics ever had a sense of humor?

1/6 – Greedy and Tyrannical Moonbattery Exposed by Costco

If price labeling broke out the costs taxes and regulations add to everything we buy, people might finally revolt against moonbat rule.

1/6 – Ireland: Muslim complains after Muslim goes on stabbing spree that “Islam always gets the brunt of it”

To steal a line from Mark Steyn: “Muslims protest Islamophobia in wake of next week’s train bombing.”

1/7 – Golden Globe Awards: If They Really Wanted To Show #MeToo Solidarity They’d Dress Up As Potted Plants

Why is anyone surprised about the hypocrisy of Hollywood over Weinstein? Aren’t these the same people who supported the presidential candidate in 2016 who’s spent decades enabling the world’s most famous sexual predator?

1/8 – LEAKED MEMO: DREAMers Are ‘Critical’ To Dems ‘Future Electoral Success’

Makes sense. If the American people are too smart to accept the Dems ruinous policies bring in people who will import the failed policies of the countries they’re fleeing

1/8 – Confirmed: Government Employees Using Encrypted Messaging Apps On Work Phones, Potentially Violating Federal Law

This week’s edition of “How come the people who hate Conservatives for not sharing their blind faith in government are the last ones to care when the government proves us right?

1/9 – NUTS: Committee To Protect Journalists Names Trump #1 Global ‘Press Oppressor’

And the MSM wanders why we don’t blindly trust them and instead look to alternative media sources

1/10 – Creamer and Foval: Partners in Deception

A great look at Hilary’s ringleaders who sent in the Brown Shirts to gin up violence at Trump rallies leading up to the 2016 election

1/10 – This is a rotten apple. Some people might tell you that it’s fresh. 

Ah, this dopey CNN ad campaign has been the gift that just keeps on giving. This comes courtesy of the author of “The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama”. His next book is available for pre-order on Amazon: “The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama”. Now I know what you’re thinking – wasn’t the Obama presidency scandal-free? If you want answers you’ll have to buy the book!

1/11 – How Their Refusal To Tolerate Dissent Is Creating A Global Backlash Against LGBT People

The next time you hear some Lefty grousing about America acting unilaterally and angering the international community, you can share this story of how Obama worked to isolate us, and his minions who haven’t left still are.

Indeed, the Maccabean reaction aggressive LGBT advocacy elicits in these countries was entirely foreseeable, as cooler heads realized during the Bush presidency, when U.S. LGBT diplomacy was prudently overshadowed by a broader concern for civil and political freedom.

If individuals who identify as LGBT in Egypt end up in prison or dead as a result of this backlash, LGBT advocates have only themselves to blame. Did LGBT activists really think the entire world would simply acquiesce to their demands? Incredibly, the answer seems to be yes.

The LGBT agenda is “unstoppable,” unrealistic activists like to say. They actually believe all of the roughly 70 countries that still punish sodomy will at some point embrace and promote homoerotic propaganda. They even seem to believe all countries will legally recognize homosexual unions. They should know better.

1/12 – Import drugs from Cuba? No way!

Yes, it’s as insane as it sounds. Instead of helping to promote the effluent from the original article, this link takes you to a good rebuttal.

1/12 – LGBT Groups Silent Over Chelsea Handler’s Homophobic Tweet

OK, Conservatives who slip up and say something stupid, repeat after me: “I regret my words to the same degree as Chelsea Handler and offer the same apology to the various LGBQWERTY groups that was demanded of her

1/12 – SOCIALIST PARADISE: Several Dead, 15 Injured In Fight For Food In Venezuela

Before you say “That could never happen here”, remember that we were one rigged Democratic primary away from half of the country voting for the candidate who promised to turn us into Venezuela.


Like Part I, long but a great read – This installment shows the timeline of how the Radical Left took over Hollywood. I really miss when writing like this was the site’s rule and not the exception.

And to go to the vault from 2 years ago, as we approach the one year anniversary of the Radical Left elevating their insanity to new levels when President Trump took office, I’m re-posting my “The Mind of the Leftist” series to help my good readers understand the seemingly irrational behavior of our Lefty pals. We kick off with Part I – “How  Can The Left Call Conservatives Anti-Science When They Are So Anti-Math”

Have a great weekend everybody – for those of you who get MLK Day off enjoy your long weekend!

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