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Hello and Happy New Year, everybody! It looks like 2018 is going to have just as much crazy as 2017, so let’s get to it!


Right now you might be saying, “Ah, Brother Bob is still recovering from New Years’ Eve festivities and forgot to embed the link to that last story!”

I’m not, and I didn’t. That piece of idiocy comes via Newsweek, and while it bore mention there are some posts that are so stupid I can’t even give them that tiny level of promotion

12/28 – Drexel Professor Whose Charged Tweets Drew Fire From the Right Will Leave the University

Note the tone of the article that tries to portray the man who called for the racially motivated murder of men, women and children as the real victim here.

12/30 – WATCH: Don Lemon Screams At Man, Cuts Him Off When He Mentions Hillary’s Emails Found On Anthony Weiner’s Laptop

Click on this link if you enjoy watching one of Hillary’s lickspittles lose their (excrement) defending her. In other words, click on this link!

12/30 – HuffPo Editor’s NY Resolution? Kill All Men.


12/30 – Calling Bernie’s Bluff

For all that Lefties are complaining about the middle cut tax cuts having an expiration date, how many do you think will actually vote to renew them when the time comes?

12/31 – Bill Nye : Frozen Illinoisans and New Yorkers To Punish Denier States!

Once again, this is where the energy/food producing states need to go Master Blaster on the Blue States – “EMBARGO ON!!!”

12/31 – Obama lackeys’ talking points side with Iran regime over protesters

At least they are staying consistent with Obama’s 8 years of siding with tyranny

12/31 – DISGUSTING: Feminist Groups SILENT As Women Protest Real Oppression In Iran

This is another opportunity for me to paraphrase a conversation from the original Star Wars:
“Because Christians don’t rip people’s arms out of their sockets when you criticize them.”
“I see, sir. I suggest a new strategy – let the Muslim win.”

12/2017 – Victims of Communism centennial commemoration: “Reflections on a Ravaged Century”

A good, brief read – here was my favorite part:

Dr. Lee Edwards, the co-founder and chairman of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, in his keynote address, elucidated seven common myths about communism:

1. Communism has failed because it had never been tried. (In fact, it has been tried numerous times, and it always failed.)
2. Marx was one of the great thinkers of the 19th century. (His writings were dense and often incomprehensible.)
3. The Russian people enthusiastically supported the revolution. (Only 5 percent of workers belonged to the Communist Party.)
4. Communists delivered on promises to people. (Everywhere, they failed utterly and completely.)
5. Stalin, the great dictator, was the first to use unlimited terror. (Lenin was the first.)
6. There are no more Communist countries. (China is ruled by a 90-million-strong Communist Party.)
7. Nazism was responsible for more deaths than communism. (The numbers indicate otherwise: Communists killed about 10 times as many as the Nazis.)


It’s a damned shame that all of the racists on The Left can’t call out an organization so thoroughly populated by criminals

1/2 – Professor Who Wishes for ‘White Genocide’ Gets Picked Up By NYU

Yes, this would be that same professor from earlier. I say we take off and nuke the entire campus from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

1/2 – ‘SHUT UP, WESLEY!’ Wil Wheaton’s MELTDOWN over TNG mini-me is the gift that keeps on giving

Because nothing says “I am a mature, intelligent adult and should be taken seriously” like throwing a fit over how you’re being portrayed in Legos.

1/3 – Veterans Call on Anti-Issa Group to Return $100k From Jane Fonda

I disagree – I say praise their accepting that money and do everything possible to publicize it! One thing I love about the Trump era is that Democrats now feel completely comfortable in expressing how much they hate half of the country.


President Trump is confident that he can get the media to do what he wants because he understands that it only pretends to be driven by progressive virtue, but is actually motivated by classic vice. The core hypocrisy of the left is its belief that it can have virtue in the public sphere and vice in the private one.

Media stars can grope their female subordinates in private as long as they tout Planned Parenthood and Linda Sarsour in public. It’s okay to fly private jets as long as they push for plastic bag bans. Getting rich is great if they do it while dedicating their careers to opposing the idea of other people getting rich. If you tweet #BlackLivesMatter, you can make racist jokes with your friends. That’s the hypocritical left.

And the media pretends that it can bring down President Trump by getting rich covering him. Trump rode that hypocrisy to the White House. He’s telling the media that he’ll ride it to a second term. And that the media would rather see him in the White House than stop playing into his hands.

Trump beat the media by playing on its private motivations rather than its public ones. And now he’s mocking its hypocrisy in the pages of its top paper while it responds exactly as he wants it to.

1/3 – The Left’s 1943

Of all of the 2017 roundup articles, this might be my favorite. At the end the author seems a bit too optimistic about the Dems’ downfall but it’s still encouraging.

1/4 – Is There Nothing SJW Scientists Can’t Wreck?

I am becoming convinced that the only thing that makes Leftists truly happy is making everyone else as miserable as they are. This could have been a fun article about how much energy is expended by various superheroes using their specific powers. So of course, it had to be inflicted on us as a sermon about how Super Heroes would be better off letting people die than contribute to Climate Change.

1/5 – Senior Hillary Adviser Tells Students He’s Nervous They Will Like The Tax Cuts And Vote Republican

Heaven forbid young Americans get a taste of the freedom to keep the money they’ve earned!

11/11/2016 – The Wreck called Hillary Clinton

I’m not sure how I missed this when it first came out, but this video is a great take on Gordon Lightfoot’s classic, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”

Fall, 2017 – Tinseltown Travelogue, Part I – DEAR RIGHT WINGERS,WE HATE YOU.LOVE,HOLLYWOOD

I used to be a big fan of the web site that bear’s Andrew Breitbart’s name, and while it’s now just a shell of its former self it occasionally puts out some outstanding pieces. Over the next few posts I’ll be linking the rest of this three part series. They’re a bit long but well worth your time.

12/22 – Nancy Pelosi Sits Down To Write Tonight’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ Script

Here’s one from what’s become my favorite source for clean humor, The Babylon Bee. Enjoy!

And finally, one from the vault – We go back a year to revisit 2016’s biggest loser of the year. You might be surprised to learn that the year’s biggest loser was… White Supremacists!

Have a great week and stay warm!

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