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Well, 2017 certainly gave us no shortage of potential villains! The year kicked off with approximately half of the country throwing a collective hissy fit over the fact that their entitlement to another eight years of Democratic rule could be derailed by these pesky things called elections. We could nominate their choice of presidential candidate, who would spend the year proving the crazy theory that there is at least one person in America who could take lessons in sportsmanship from Al Gore! We would go on to learn that the people who scream that protecting election integrity equates voter suppression were the ones who suppressed their primary votes by basically throwing out every vote for the candidate who wanted to turn America into Venezuela.

Our president went overboard with taking many swipes at our media, sometimes pretty petty, so of course our media responded by working overtime to justify President Trump’s criticisms of them. We’ve learned that over time the FBI has transformed from a well respected law enforcement agency into one of the deeper swamps of political hackery that desperately needs to be drained. Ignoring the crimes and acts of treason by a failed presidential candidate and not investigating  masked fascist thugs assaulting people for having incorrect opinions endorsed by major media publications took a back seat to an attempted quiet coup via an extended campaign of trying to manufacture evidence of a crime against their Commander in Chief.

Dang, those are all really good, but for 2017 our villain isn’t any of these good folks. While their actions are actually far worse than our winner, the champion has prevailed for its ability to squander one of the greatest opportunities to make themselves look childish and petty.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our villain of the year is……. American comedians!

One of the most disappointing elements of the Trump presidency has been how unfunny our nation’s comedians have become! Let’s face it, even President Trump’s most passionate supporters have to admit that our president is an amazingly ripe target for mockery. And rather than capitalize on this opportunity, America’s comedians have chosen to eschew being funny for just using their platforms as outlets for their blind hatred for our country’s 45th President (and indirectly, anyone who voted for him).

The list is too exhaustive to include everybody, but who can forget Alec Baldwin’s over the top d-baggish portrayals of the president? How about Jimmy Kimmel’s weepy lectures that have gotten the ridicule they so richly deserve? Or the original talentless D-Lister Kathy Griffin complaining that she’s now unemployable after making an ISIS-like video depicting her holding our president’s severed bloody head?

Even when they get things right, our comedians can’t resist the urge to find a way to get it wrong. Sean Spicer was not the best choice for White House Press Secretary, and the talented Melissa McCarthy did a great job of skewering him. Unfortunately, like most things SNL the skit went too long and just came off as angry and condescending after a while. This skit included shots at Nancy DeVos and Jeff Sessions… why? OK, to people who read too much political crud like me I get it but does most of America know who is the current Secretary of Education and Attorney General, much less know enough about them to enjoy some snarky, unfunny jabs at them?

OK, enough of beating up on the comedians who’ve gotten it wrong. This is a festive time of year – let’s give props to those who’ve gotten it right! First off let’s start with one of my favorite things about the Trump Presidency – seeing graphics of the leader of the free world and for the life of me, I can’t tell if they were made by friends or critics! For example, let’s look at the following two graphics that both were used as my Facebook cover photo at one point:

Remember this bizarre pic of what the great Michael Loftus tried to dub “The Glowing Orb of Trump”? The person who made this captioned the pic “I photoshopped in Saruman and it’s not even weird!”

And then there was this gem:

featuring our then-new president invoking the Batman movie villain Bane taunting a despairingly howling protester. Even though this pic is nearly a year old, I have no idea if it was meant as a compliment or an insult. More importantly, I don’t care!

Now, let’s transition from the ambiguous to those definitely poking fun at our commander in chief. Here’s a nice light jab coming from a pro football write-up:

Just a year after the Tony Romo Era ended in Dallas, the NFC East may have just seen the last of Eli Manning. This team, full of expensive veterans and expendable coaches, is in need of a deep-clean rebuild, and the idea of Archie’s son sticking around through some sort of “Process” is about as likely as Donald Trump donating his salary to the International Center for Journalists.

Next up is one I found via one of my mostly apolitical social media friends. This one came down around the time of Sean Spicer’s departure, and fans of The Muppets will appreciate:

Appointment Of Beaker As White House Communications Director Draws High Praise

I could go on all day, but a post like this has to end somewhere, so I’ll end with what I have no problem calling the most creative and funny way to parody our president. Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker, has let his lefty colors show a bit too much lately, but there is one piece of great comedy that Hamill gave us. After he seemingly disappeared from acting after the original Star Wars trilogy, he found his groove in voicing animation – specifically, in the Batman cartoons of the 90s he did a great job of voicing The Joker. And how did he choose to ridicule our president? By reading one of his tweets in the voice of The Joker, and it is brilliant! 

My one problem with this is, why hasn’t Hamill done any more of these? Given how prolific our president is with Twitter I would have thought that this would have been a given for a Trump-hating entertainer. Please – use The Force, Luke!

Lest any of my Conservative pals think I’m going RINO, I’ve been a lot happier with President trump’s first year in office than I thought I’d be, and am looking forward to the next seven! Being able to mock your leader is a sign of a healthy culture. After all, who would want to live under rulership where mocking your president can get you a visit from the Secret Service, cost you your job, and have you sent to a reeducation camp? Thankfully we have moved beyond such insecure pettiness!

I’ll sign off by asking this of you, my Blogosphere Friends – for this week only hold your fire in the comments and only post items mocking President Trump, but only if they’re funny!

The Week in Radical Leftism might be back in short form next week, and if it’s not I’ll still have a Saturday morning post for you – definitely back in two weeks!

Merry Christmas everybody!

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