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Welcome back everybody! I hope that you’ve all recovered from your Thanksgiving weekend travels and shopping mall brawls. We’ve got a full post today – tons of crazy before we even got out of the weekend! First, from the previous week:

11/19 – ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt Insults Millions Who No Longer Watch It

Am I the only one who enjoys the fact that The Radical Left no longer feels the need to hide the fact that they hate the rest of us?

On a side note, I stopped watching Sports Center @ 4 years ago when I cut the cord and remember Van Pelt as the most annoying among their SC anchors trying to be best Seinfeld-wannabe. Just curious, but does anyone remember any of their other anchors being as annoying as Van Pelt?

11/24 – WATCH: Kaepernick Shows Up At ‘Unthanksgiving Day’ Event, Calls For ‘Resistance’

The real tragedy of Kaep is that he doesn’t seem to have had a single friend in the last few years who cared about him enough about him to tell Kaep to stop listening to his bat (guano) crazy girlfriend who was ruining his life. Oh well – just be thankful he wasn’t invited to your Thanksgiving dinner!

11/24 – TIME Names Hillary’s ‘What Happened’ Non-Fiction Book of the Year

In other news, normal Americans everywhere name TIME the Fictitious News Site of the Year

11/24 – Radical Feminist Says, it’s “OK” to Destroy Innocent Men to Accomplish Goals

I have a confession to make – Emily Lindin raped me. Any other victims want to come forward?

11/24 – ‘Unbiased’ WaPo Reporter Uncovered as Soros Operative to ‘Advance Progressive Agenda’

Am I the only one who sees no problem with the Radical Leftists posing as journalists finally being honest about their agenda?

11/25 – New Twitter Bot Randomly Generates Lena Dunham ‘Apologies,’ And It’s Amazing

Is anyone else enjoying the era of conservatives striking back and giving the Radical Left the mockery it’s deserved for years as much as I am?

11/25 – Activists Tell FCC Chairman’s Kids Their Father Is An Evil Murderer

Friendly advice to Lefties: Given how little you’ve liked having Conservatives turning your own tactics on you, maybe this would be a good time to dial things back a bit? – Part I

11/25 – Amazon’s Alexa is a CRAZY SJW LIBERAL!

Sometimes reality makes you want to laugh/cry/scream, or all three better than any writer could create. This is one of those times. And if Steven Crowder isn’t among your YouTube subscriptions he should be.

11/25 – CNN’s Fake Political News Analyst April Ryan Jumps on #Piegate #FakePie Conspiracy Theory

Part of me was hoping that this was some kind of Jason Biggs joke, and unsurprisingly a crude apple pie joke would have been more intelligent than what we actually happened.

11/25 – Britain’s Christmas markets 2017: Armed guards, concrete barriers and metal detectors

Let’s be careful to not trigger a backlash against those Mennonite migrants!

11/26 – A Green Tries To Defend Eco-Terrorism

If they were serious about reducing carbon footprints why aren’t all of the Greens killing themselves?

11/26 – Is Capitalism Killing The Planet?

Spoiler: This nimrod thinks it does. Maybe he should go live in a “green” country like North Korea?

11/26 – Consumer Financial Protection Board official sues Trump administration to become acting director

I say we take off and nuke the entire agency from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

11/27 – Keith Olbermann: “I’m Retiring From Political Commentary”

Am I the only one bummed to hear this? As much as I loved him on Sports Center back in the 90s he’s only gotten funnier and funnier over the years!


What the Radical Left actually finds offensive is getting called out on their horse hockey

11/27 – Rush: It’s Good That Dems Are Supporting Franken Because It Lets Us Point Out Their Hypocrisy

There’s no hypocrisy on The Left any more! Or any less.

11/27 – Democrat Pollster: GOP Is a “Domestic Terror Group”

Jammie: “This probably would have gotten some more notice, but the appearance by this lunatic was on a Saturday morning MSNBC show, so only 37 people saw it happen.”

11/27 – CNN: Ban The Term ‘Fake News’


11/28 – WaPo Dismisses ‘Myth’ of Left-Wing University Bias

Remember, it’s not bias if The Radical Left doesn’t believe it!

11/28 – Gays Against MUFF

There are about a million and one remarks that my “Beavis and Butthead” side wants to make on that headline, but for once in my life I’m going to take the high road.

11/28 – Iran promises to send warships to Gulf of Mexico

Tomorrow’s Headlines Today!

“March 1, 2018 – Ignoring environmental impact studies from the EPA, President Trump orders tons of Iranian steel sent to pollute the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico”

11/28 – “Don’t get in the elevator with him, you know, and the whole every female in the press corps knew that, right, don’t get in elevator with him.”

That quote was from Cokie Roberts. What a shame she didn’t know anyone in the journalism profession – this could have made for a major scoop!

11/29 – NY Times Editorial Board Encourages Readers to Call Senators to Save Obamacare, Reject GOP Tax Bill

OK Atty.General Sessions, here’s an opportunity for you. Start hinting that the NYT needs to register as a Super Pac just so we can watch the Radical Left’s heads collectively explode. C’mon, throw the people who elected your boss some red meat!

11/29 – ESPN is Still Crying Over Indian Mascots

Um, guys? Maybe with all of your financial woes, giving condescending lectures that annoy most of your audience isn’t the best thing to do right now?


Christmas decorations. Yes, seriously.

11/29 – Everybody Is Wrong About Net Neutrality

Great read.The money quote:

One of the main things they’re doing is filing lawsuits to prevent special offers like the one AT&T gives its customers: DirecTV streamed to your phone that doesn’t even count against your wireless data caps.

11/30 – Trevor Noah Goes After ‘Pocahontas’ — Calls Trump ‘WOKE’

Similar to the crud with Al Franken, the Radical Left is more offended by people making fun of their bad behavior than the bad behavior itself. Note to Lefties: Maybe if you policed your own side’s wrongdoings there would be fewer and they wouldn’t last long enough to be the subject of ridicule?

11/30 – Jimmy Kimmel Sends Henchman to Disrupt Alabama Church Service Hosting Roy Moore

Friendly advice to Lefties: Given how little you’ve liked having Conservatives turning your own tactics on you, maybe this would be a good time to dial things back a bit? – Part II

12/1 – Don’t Fall for Nancy Pelosi’s Virtue Signaling. Here Are the Sleazy Democrats She Has Enabled.

There is a follow up blog post on this subject coming from me in the not too distant future. Personally, when I get into social media food fights with Lefties I enjoy the deafening silence when I point out that Big Bubba raped Juanita Broaddrick and that Hillary got into JB’s face to intimidate her into silence. If you want t few minutes silence from a Lefty I highly recommend this!

And while this is almost a year old, here’s a funny clip giving the Radical Left the mockery it deserves!

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