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Stephen Paddock, a retired accountant who liked to gamble and is said to be worth $2 million, murdered 59 and wounded 527 in the worst mass murder in US history. The bodies were still warm when liberals took it upon themselves to politicize the situation, often in atrocious ways.

CBS lawyer Haly Geftman-Gold tweeted that she had no sympathy for the victims of the Vegas shooting as she perceived them all to be Republicans:


She was promptly fired by CBS. Then we get to the Trump bashing.

“I am Cassie” wants every Trump supporter dead

A teacher (!) prayed that “only Trumptards” died in Vegas.

Television writer Jen Statsky threw in her two bits:

A question for all those who have similar opinions- exactly what did Donald Trump have to do with current gun laws?

The answer, of course, is nothing. Trump is not a politician. He voted on no laws. He has never been part of the legislative process. The slaughter became the vehicle for demented left wingers to exploit to score cheap political points against Trump. That is truly despicable.

Then a number of high profile people found themselves intent on demonstrating their ignorance.

Noted firearms expert Hillary Clinton weighed in

She was put in her place by- wait for it- Glenn Kessler, of all people

Ben Shapiro also responded to Hillary

He then sought to educate people on silencers:

But Tom Arnold didn’t want to miss the Stupid Wagon either.

To which Shapiro fired back:

Nancy Pelosi, another one who never lets a good crisis go to waste, called for hearings on gun violence.

All well and good, but why now? There is a Vegas-level loss of life in Chicago every month. 762 people were killed in Chicago in 2016. I’ve said it before- liberals don’t really object to killings and deaths in dribs and drabs. They are bothered only when it happens all at once. That could lead one think that this is just playing  politics on their parts. The exploitation of a tragedy to bash Trump- who had NOTHING to do with any gun legislation- is disgusting and shameful.

Having said all that, I look forward to learning a lot more about what happened in Vegas than I know now. A retired accountant who spends his time gambling suddenly buying ammonium nitrate should have been a red flag, but it wasn’t. Did he buy massive amounts of ammunition suddenly? What if Paddocto k bought one of the automatic weapons obama and holder sold to Mexican drug cartels?

There is much to learn. We need facts before action is taken.

One ex-Marine did act promptly. He “stole” a truck to transport wounded to hospitals. Another off-duty police officer used his body to shield others.

Americans are at their best in times of crisis. Liberals are at their worst.

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