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CBS This Morning never opens without a cheap shot at Donald Trump. Charlie Rose noted the Donald Trump was praising the relief efforts “others” were saying it was taking too long. Never mind that this is an island 1,000 miles from Miami. This isn’t Texas or Florida. Never mind the 8,000 personnel that are currently there. Never mind that. Let’s talk about who made the relief efforts much more difficult than they might have been otherwise.

Hillary Clinton.

Clinton has been bashing Trump non-stop since the hurricane struck the island. Trump is “not interested” in talking about Puerto Rico says she. She’s “not sure” that Trump knows Puerto Ricans are American citizens. Brian Fallon, one of Hillary’s goons, tweeted

“Trump’s racist neglect of Puerto Rico is threatening lives. It’s time to start caring about the crisis there.”

Yet it is Hillary Clinton who made the Puerto Rican relief effort immeasurably more difficult.

In 1999, a US Marine pilot errantly dropped a bomb off the training range target in Vieques, killing a security guard. This was immediately seized upon by liberals:

Left-wing activists then woke up the ghosts of “colonialism” and flocked to Vieques, craving the headlines and raising dollars for their organizations.  Al Sharpton, Robert Kennedy Jr., actor Edward James Olmos and hundreds of others stormed the beaches to stop training exercises and then served jail time.  Congressman Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat from Chicago was also arrested.  Champion boxer Tito Trinidad wrote “Paz” on his wrist tape for matches.  Human rights activists from Guatemala’s Rigoberta Menchu to South Africa’s Desmond Tutu weighed in.  So did then-Senator Hillary Clinton, visiting Kennedy in a San Juan jail during 2001.

The Navy wanted to continue to use dirt-filled non-explosve ordinance but the then-Governor, Pedro Rossello, said that was “unacceptable.”

Over the almost unanimous objections of the senior military leaders, Clinton terminated the use of the bombing range. His decision was in accordance with the wishes of someone aspiring to become a Senator from New York.

Hillary Clinton.

She needed the Puerto Rican vote in New York and he owed her big time after she, er, swallowed her pride in the wake of the Lewinsky affair and stood by him.

Bowing to politics and his wife, Bill Clinton kept the range closed  Without the range, the Navy had no justification to maintain the Naval Base at Roosevelt Roads and it was closed in 2003.

The closure of the base resulted in a financial loss of approximately $300 million per year to the bankrupt Puerto Rican economy. The rest, as they say, is history. Today the base and surrounding area is a described as a “ghost town.” How much easier it would have been to bring in supplies via a functioning Naval Base?

Now we’ll never know, thanks to Bill and Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. The Clinton’s are the terrestrial version of the Ferengi’s, motivated only by profit as they leave destruction in their wake.





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