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Welcome back and happy Labor Day weekend! Some travel this week will make today’s a relatively light post, but our lefty pals still give us no shortage of crazy! First, two stories that I was too lazy forgot to include last week:

8/22 – Howard Dean: If You Vote Republican in 2018, You’re A Racist

Come on Howie, racist? That is sooooo 2008. The proper slur today is to say anyone who disagrees with you is a Nazi, if not literally Hitler.

8/23 – CNN: ‘Ordinary People’ Are ‘White Supremacists by Default’

Oh FFS, I was kidding you idiots!

8/25 – Warren Condemns Left-Wing Violence: ‘Violence Is Not the Way to Go’

As much as I dislike America’s favorite fake Indian, it’s important that we give credit where it’s due. And yes, I know it wasn’t as forceful as it should have been but it’s a start.


Um, where is the Department of Justice? If localities won’t enforce the law the Feds need to step in before the Radical Left manages to make its Reichstag Fire fantasy come true.


To steal a classic Andrew Dice Clay line, “That’s what I say, Teach. What’s the f***in’ difference?”

8/28 – WashPost Shock Headline Calls Out “Black-Clad Antifa Members”

No surprise here. I warned a few weeks ago that when the Radical Left started comparing Antifa to WWII veterans that it was only a matter of time before the media started showing the same contempt for Antifa that they do for our military.

8/28 – Victim who told police he was stabbed due to ‘Neo Nazi’ haircut was lying, police say

This dude’s trouble is only beginning for trying to muscle in on fake hate crimes. Wait until the Radical Left learns about this cultural appropriation!

8/29 – FBI Refuses to Release Files on Clinton Investigation, Citing Public Disinterest

As if we needed any more reminders that the swamp needs to be drained.


Washington Post:

“Harvey’s burdens will fall hardest on the poor”

Don’t ever stop being you, media. Don’t ever stop. Steven Hayward makes some great points in this short post, and you should read the whole thing. Here is one great excerpt:

One of the remarkable things about this extraordinary catastrophe is how low the death toll has been—less than a dozen. A flood of this magnitude in the developing world usually kills tens of thousands. The 1900 Galveston hurricane killed over 6,000 people; adjusted for population change in the region, that would probably be something like 100,000 today.

8/31 – Liberal Site That Facebook Uses To Sort ‘Fake News’ Just ‘Fact-Checked’ A Satirical Website

So much for our moral and intellectual superiors

9/1 – Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions to Offshore Accounts

OK, Lefties. It’s time to get on your high horses and demand that they pay their fair share and howl for the IRS to dig into what they’re hiding!

And ICYMI, I put up a short piece regarding an Op-ed in the Washington Post from a man who escaped Cuba as a child and has suddenly taken a strong interest in fighting tyranny. Unfortunately, it’s exactly the kind of serving of stupid you’d expect from WaPo.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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