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Don’t ever change, Washington Post. Even when you get an issue really right I know I can count on you to screw it up in the end. I was impressed with the short op-ed from last Sunday’s paper that was critical of Cuba. It was a mixture of the author’s artwork as well as a few short passages, and with a title like “As a boy, I fled despotism in Cuba. Now I’m fighting it here in America,” you know it’s just itching to open a can of stupid.

Edel Rodriguez starts the narrative of the childhood of a boy born in Havana in 1971, and with it describes some of the harassment that his family received at the hands of the Castro regime. I was somewhat surprised to see an account like this being in the Washington Post, providing narrative and imagery that shows the brutality of this regime that so many members of the Radical Left idealize.

He continues with a brief passage on how the government monitored its citizens and how easy it was to be snitched on by the local government agent (Attack watch, anyone?) His family tried to escape, was discovered, and punished accordingly. They finally managed to escape with the 1980 flotilla, and Rodriguez continues with adapting to life in America. And then it goes off the rails – this is one of the two anti-Trump images he uses in his post. Here is what he had to say:


Over the past year, though, I’ve sometimes strained to differentiate my adoptive country from the dictatorship I fled. Violence at political rallies, friends watching what they say (and noting who is in the room when they say it) and a leader who picks on society’s weakest — this has felt all too familiar. I began making art about what I saw, to bear witness. I wanted to hold up a mirror to the president’s daily abuses of the Constitution, test the rights given to me by that Constitution. I wanted to find out if this is really the land of the free, the home of the brave.

I’d be lying if I said my jaw didn’t drop when I read this. First off, where in the Hell was Rodriguez for the last 8 years? Violence at political rallies? How about Hillary’s Brownshirts being sent in to attack Trump supporters? Friends watching what they say? Google the words “Memories Pizza” for one of the many examples the antics of the Gaystapo. A leader picking on society’s weakest? Again, go back to Memories Pizza. Or how about the Little Sisters of the Poor? And daily abuses of the Constitution? Did Rodriguez miss the fact that our last president viewed the Constitution as toilet paper and his would be successor ran on the promise to abolish the Bill of Rights? Even more galling is what I’m assuming is Rodriguez’s reference to “Violence at political rallies” when The Washington Post itself is endorsing it when it’s being done by the same kind of thugs who praise Castro and wear Che t-shirts!

So here is my modest proposal to you, Mr. Rodriguez: Since America has proven to have become such a horrible place, it may be time to return to Cuba. And why not? President Obama told us that their leaders are just a swell bunch of guys! Go down there and submit essays to the biggest newspaper in Havana critical of the Castro regime’s many abuses, and distribute artwork depicting Raul Castro in a similar manner to how you portrayed President Trump. I’m not sure what might happen next, but I am certain of one thing – you will be treated exactly as you deserve!

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