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Am I the only one who saw the two sides clashing in Charlottesville as similar to the arguments in Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian between The People’s Liberation Front of Judea and the Judean People’s Liberation Front? OK, maybe it was just me, but the two groups clashing are a lot more alike than they would care to admit. The biggest difference is really how the mainstream members of the ideologies they claim to represent treat their radicals. I’ll get to that over the course of this post, but for the most part this will be a link roundup of some of the best stories similar to my “Week in Radical Leftism” that you can see here every Saturday morning. So to jump right in:

Antifa and #WhiteLivesMatter deserve each other

Here’s my overall take:

Robert E. Lee is one of the important and fairly-honorable figures in American history; traditional statues of him either should not, or at least need not, be taken down. As such, the #WhiteLivesMatter types may have a point on that one, little issue.

Having said that: I run with #AllLivesMatter. I have no problem denouncing white nationalism or white ethnic identitarianism (like I did, here). Especially if the people turn violent. I hereby denounce it again.

And of course, I denounce Antifa and #BlackLivesMatter, especially if they turn violent.

An ideal outcome might be if any/all of those who committed crimes Saturday, on either side, will have to spend some jail time together. Paired in cells, if possible.
To the extent that many people (on either side) did NOT commit any crimes and expressed themselves peacefully: Kudos. Although, again, I probably don’t agree on many issues with either side.

President Trump has condemned hatred, bigotry and violence coming from any side…whoa, looks like I agree with Trump again! How does that keep happening?

There Were Not One but Two Supremacist Groups from #Charlottesville. 

However, another supremacy group showed up as well. Only rather than the superiority of their skin color or nationality, this group believes in the superior morality of their cause.

These are the moral supremacists, and they’re every bit as toxic as the racial supremacists. They want to silence the speech of anyone who dares challenge their self-righteous beliefs. They’re also very willing to use violence to promote their supremacy.

Moral supremacists rose up right after the election of Donald Trump. They’re the people who rioted at Berkeley in February when Milo Yianopoulos was scheduled to speak on campus. They deemed his speech immoral, so they shut him down. Here’s one of their leaders, Yvette Felarca. She’s a real piece of work.

#Charlottesville: The Left Unexpectedly Falls in Love With the Word ‘Terrorism’

Because the media knew that Black Lives Matter was a Democrat Party propaganda operation, they went out of their way to suggest that the Dallas shooting was an aberration — the deed of a lone madman — whereas in Charlottesville, it is being suggested, James Fields was basically a drone, programmed by Republicans to kill black people. The more obvious conclusion is that James Fields was a dimwit loser:


The reality is that there is far too much political violence. It is all unacceptable–fascist “antifas” rioting at the inauguration of President Trump, left-wing students and hangers-on rioting and committing assault at places like Berkeley, Middlebury and Claremont, mainstream Democrats like James Hodgkinson trying to assassinate political opponents, murderers inspired by Black Lives Matter killing policemen, and fringe fanatics like James Fields similarly committing murder. I am evidently in the minority, but I think President Trump is right to condemn all political violence rather than singling out the one incident that Democrats want to talk about, while whitewashing the rest.

Shannon Watts, Moms Demand Action blame Charlottesville violence on NRA, gun laws

Women’s March Blames Vehicular Homicide on NRA

ABC News’ Roberts, Dowd say Trump Shares Blame for Protester’s Murder

Chicago Tribune: Angry White Men Fueling Racial Violence

Charlottesville mayor blames Trump for violent weekend

Anyone notice a trend here? How about this:

Hypocrisy at Charlottesville

It did not take long for President Trump to be blamed for the violence in Charlottesville. Yet, President Trump did not invite white nationalists to the White House and give them legitimacy as President Obama did with Black Lives Matter. President Obama’s equating attacks on the police with police brutality certainly provided a justification, if not a motivation, for these attacks.

No one in their right mind will blame the victims of Charlottesville for what happened to them, but in the aftermath of Islamist violence, it is quite common to blame the victims. In the aftermath of 9/11, far too many of my university colleagues blamed “our foreign policy.”

No responsible commentator will say that the manifestations of white hatred, as in the indoctrination of “white privilege,” so evident on our campuses and in our media, are the causes of death and injury at Charlottesville. To do so gives legitimacy, if not license, to violence. It would follow the left’s orientation of blaming the victim when it suits its agenda.

The Constitution dies in darkness too. McAuliffe and Signer wanted this violence.

This is going to be a turning point. It was all part of the plan. The Mayor and the Governor let the violence play out to score political points against Trump. The DOJ has rightly launched a civil rights investigation into the Charlottesville violence. Hopefully part of that will be investigating why the police and National Guard were not allowed to prevent the worst of it.


Stolberg quotes Corinne Geller speaking on behalf of the State Police. “It may have looked like a lot of our folks were standing around,” because of the sheer number of officers on the scene, but “there were other troopers and law enforcement officers who were responding to incidents as they arose.” Can this quote be squared with McAuliffe’s?

Glenn Reynolds infers that the police were ordered to stand down. He wants to know “who ordered the police to stand down in the face of mob violence, and why. A decision to allow citizens to be assaulted in the exercise of their constitutional rights is a federal felony.”

Fighting White Supremacy Means Owning Up to American History

This was offered by the geniuses at The Nation, who advocate owning up to our history by destroying every display of it – you know, as in the crud that started this whole mess

The Alt-Right Is The Mirror Image Of The New Left

This was written back in September, and this somewhat lengthy philosophical piece hasn’t lost a bit of relevance and is well worth a read:

Declaring that the alt-right is on the Right in “both the American and European sense of the term” is utter rubbish, and you can no more declare that you are “on the right” than you can declare that your gender is fluid and not expect people to raise an eyebrow. You are on the Right because of what you believe, how you act, and what impulses and ideas undergird your philosophy.

The alt-right is a European-style right-wing movement that is at odds with the classical liberalism upon which our country was built, and which the Left has redefined as “Right.” That is to say, the European “Right” is mapped onto a political spectrum different than our own. Our “right” — conservatism or classical liberalism —is dead-center on our spectrum, no matter how persistently the Left tries to claim otherwise. It is constitutionalism, which incorporates federalism, republicanism, legal equity, and a separation of powers.

As you might have noticed, unlike my weekend updates where I usually offer my own comments, today I’ve just let the authors do the talking. But there is one angle to this story that’s particularly disturbing. It’s how the Radical Left only discovered their voice in condemning violence when it’s not being done by someone they sympathize with or fear. Over the weekend, but prior to Saturday’s events unfolding, the Washington Post offered sympathy for violent scum:

WaPo Shows Human Side of Anarchists

Except it’s not your property, jackass. Muhammad Ashraf, whose 2015 Lincoln super-stretch limousine was burned by rioters on Inauguration Day, took a $60,000 hit on the loss. “When that car becomes a source of your livelihood, it becomes a part of your life. I don’t know if the protesters understand that when they destroy something — the way I felt when I saw my car burning, it really hurt me deeply even though it’s just a car.”

Sammi LeMaster has embraced anarchism for its sense of “community.” She said, “It takes awhile to get used to the label because it comes with a lot of baggage. People assume that anarchism is so extreme. But I associate it with wanting everyone’s needs to be met.”

She’s caring, not like those evil capitalists like Muhammad Ashraf and Donald Trump!

And in a separate article justifying the Radical Left’s assault on campus free speech, WaPo also gives this wink and a nod of rationalization for violence:

Rejecting free speech only undercuts the left. And from a liberal point of view, there’s an irony that goes largely unnoticed. The intense hatred of racial “microaggressions” is flourishing on campuses just as state and national Republican officials are zealously practicing macroaggressions: infringing on voting rights, affirmative action and progressive advances in criminal justice. While shortsighted activists focus on slights (real, imagined and arguable) at hand, the political powers that be are indisputably rolling back equal rights directly and profoundly where most people live — off campus. Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter court easy martyrdom as President Trump’s legions cheer them on. When defenders of racial equality take the bait and obsess about a few loathsome provocations, they plunge into their adversaries’ trap, diverted from the political arena where democracy and equality badly need them.

And this is the biggest difference between our two sides. The worst elements that claim to represent the right really don’t, and Conservatives reject that fringe. On their side, their radical crazies are their mainstream. And I don’t have a solution to this morality gap between our sides.

But for as unhappy as the events from this day were, I’d like to close on a positive note – via the great Roger Simon of PJ Media:

For the next week or two — assuming we’re not at war with North Korea — we will hear non-stop geschreiing from our media about what a racist nation we are, how we have to come together, rend our shirts, investigate this and that and endlessly discuss how bad we are until we’re finally forgiven at some undetermined point in an ever vanishing future that seems never to arrive.

Don’t play that game. What happened in Charlottesville isn’t us. It’s just a small group of real bad people. Indict them, convict them, and lock them up for a long as possible. The rest of us should move on. We have a lot better things to do.

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