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The Deep State continues to undermine  the President’s policies with the intention of returning the country to the failed policies of the past administration. They have no agenda other than an approach to consider Islam a “religion of Peace” and without any agenda meant to lead to a successful outcome for our country.

One of these Deep State actors is H.R.McMaster, the National Security Advisor. McMaster continues to pursue the failed Obama policies that the American electorate rejected. McMaster also allowed leaks to continue at an unprecedented rate to attempt to take down the Trump new policies for the Middle East.

McMaster has declared political warfare on President Trump and the wishes of the American people. McMaster is targeting Trump supporters in the National Security areas of this administration. It is another way for the Deep State to remain entrenched  in the failed policies, decision making and to create impediments to “draining the swamp”. This purge of those that want to implement the policies of the Trump administration will continue under an Obama sycophant such as McMaster who views Trumps policies as wrong and in conflict with what McMaster believes is the correct outcome.

The leak of strategic national security issues are being attempted to delegitimize the agenda of the Trump Presidency, and running through all the holdovers from the Obama administration and some Never Trumpers to promote what could turn out to be an axis of Marxist/Islamist outcomes on a global scale. The swamp is real, and flourishing by those like McMaster who will destroy all the agendas that do not suit the agenda of the Obama past failures.

President Trump, requested McMaster to fire a list of Obama holdovers at the NSC who were suspected of leaking to the press. McMaster refused, and is in the process of putting those same people incharge.

Part of McMasters agenda is the purging of all Trump supporters from the National Security Agency. Rich Higgins who served in the NSC’s strategic planning office as director was fired on July 21st. The reason was a memo that Higgins wrote showing the globalists, bankers, deep state and the Islamic cartel and the threats to the Trump presidency. Also in the memo it was shown clearly that the Russia “collusion” story as a way top thwart Trump’s agenda. After discussing the memo with the White House Higgins was informed by McMasters deputy Ricky Waddell, a deputy named by McMaster without obtaining authority from President Trump, and forcing his way into the Executive Office building to set up an office. that he was fired. The President was not informed of the firing until after the firing and was described as a “lasting victory” for McMaster. Higgins was also instrumental in attempting to declassify the “Presidential Study Directive 11”, a classified report produced in 2010 by the Obama administration which has possible Obama administration ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Higgins also wrote a memo to discuss how the Trump administration was losing control of policy making to careerists hostile to Trump. It was McMaster who looked to evidence of the e mailed memo through the NSC files to determine the name of who wrote the memo and used the information to fire Higgins.

NSC officials such as Ezra Cohen-Watnick and others have discussed the 2015 Iranian deal and the evidence that Iran continues its missile activity. McMaster along with Tillerson have pushed for the maintenance of the deal and this lead to the firing of all those who worked on a comprehensive plan to scrap the deal that has caused such turmoil in the Middle East.

McMaster is also purging those who are pro-Israel, putting in place holdovers who are deeply hostile to the pro Israel that are part of Trump administration. McMaster continually talks of Palestine and how it is his understanding that Israel is an illegitimate occupying force and declares that Palestine was an existing entity until 1948 when it was taken over by the Jewish nation .McMaster does not recognize Jewish independence or the Western Wall, and assigns key positions such as the Israel-Palestinian desk to people such as Kris Bauman, an Obama holdover  who is anti-Israel and a Hamas supporter. McMaster is in a position where he has done and will continue to do a great deal of damage to the Trump administration is relation to improving the alliance of the U.S. and Israel.

It started with the removal from the National Security Council of Steve Bannon, K.T.McFarland, Adam Lovinger and Tera Dahl, all strong pro-Israel supporters. They were replaced with personnel with no security background such as Dina Habib-Powell an Egyptian-American immigrant who attended an Iftar dinner with members of the Muslim Brotherhood. McMaster has also refused to work with Israel on counter-intelligence efforts and shut down the joint US-Israel project to counter Hezbollah.

National Security agents have been forced to turn away from factual understanding of the Islamic threat and are tasked with working with Muslim Brotherhood advisors. In McMasters first all staff meeting McMaster discredited the use of the term “radical Islamic terrorism” because he claims the terrorists are “Un-Islamic”. At his first staff meeting at the NSC was to order all staff to cease discussing the “Obama holdovers”. This was ordered to keep the media and the citizenry from understanding that after the purge planned by McMaster, that these would be the people in charge. This would lead to the Obama loyalists being able undermine the Trump administration and increasing the leaks moving forward. These loyalists include key NSC personnel who work for Ben Rhodes who is one of the central suspects in the leaking of national security classified information to the press.

McMaster also sent an undated letter to Benghazi liar and unmasking threat Susan Rice allowing her to keep her security clearance for any and all reasons. The question is, why does she need a security clearance when she is no longer in government? And how many others from the past Obama administration continue to have security clearances to further leak information? The ability of this woman to continue with a security clearance, under investigation for numerous legal and ethical concerns going all the way back to Benghazi is a national security concern and may border on treason.

Another career NSC member, Derek Harvey, senior director for the Middle East for Trump was also let go. He was fired for making a list of obama holdovers who were leaking to the press, the same personnel that McMaster is now putting in positions of authority.

Robert Malley who served as “Obama’s ISIS czar” continues to push the strategy of the Obama administration that cost the blood of our fellow citizens. Now in a position of authority at the NSC, Malley was fired from the Obama first campaign for meeting with Hamas.

This can n ot be allowed to stand, the National Security agency is to the point of being a national security threat. While the media will go on blaming the Trump White House for leaks, is it any wonder that the NSC may be doing the majority of the leaks, including discussions between Trump and the major heads of State.

The swamp will not go away willingly, the worst of the Obama administration are still running a vast amount of foreign policy. Between McMaster and Gen Mattis attempting to move Anne Patterson, the foremost apologist for the Muslim Brotherhood into a position of authority is a slap in the face to American patriots and this administration.

One final point. H.R.McMaster was made the head of the NSC on the recommendation of none other than John McCain, the establishment RINO :

If H.R.McMaster will not abide by the policies of the Trump administration and continues to hold the idea that the Islamic State is not Islamic it will be highly detrimental to the future of this country. No longer can we allow the Obama holdovers and the allies that have made in the Muslim Brotherhood to operate with impunity and ignore the risks e face by a failed foreign policy that the Deep State is attempting to continue. The Deep Staters,  Obama holdovers the media, and the Rino GOP establishment who continue to claim Islam is a religion of peace can not be allowed to continue to populate the swamp with lies and innuendo against the wishes of the American people. The sunlight must be shone on the denizens of the swamp and every last one pushed out.

With H.R. McMaster the first to go.

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