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Greetings Mr. and Mrs. America, and all of our ships at sea! As we unofficially hit summer’s midpoint I hope that everyone is having a fun and safe one. But of course, stupid never goes on vacation, so let’s jump right in and start with two from the previous week that missed our deadline:

7/11 – What would happen to Tesla without subsidies, tax breaks for electric car buyers?

Apparently Elon Musk doesn’t like it when you point out his company would be bankrupt without subsidies. No wonder he was so angry over the Paris agreement!

7/14 – Black Activists Criticize Gore for Comparing Climate Change Advocacy to Fight Against Slavery

Reminding us that Hillary and John Kerry aren’t the only nimrods we should be grateful lost their presidential elections!

7/15 – Phil Donahue: Trump era ‘darkest political moment’ in (American) history

Instapundit: “Wow, who knew the Civil War, Wilson cracking down on civil liberties during WWI, FDR’s Japanese internment camps, the Cold War, JFK’s assassination and Watergate were all pretty much small beans in comparison?”

7/16 – CNN Panelist Calls Out ‘Opposition Party’ Media, Stelter Plays Dumb


7/16 – Tired of Being Wrong, Climate Alarmists Move Doomsday to Next Century

At least when our side’s doomsday cultists end up being wrong they generally go away. Their cult leaders demand more money.

7/16 – Bernie’s wife blames FBI probe of her alleged bank fraud on…sexism.

Why not? Anyone dumb enough to still think that Socialism works is dumb enough to believe this.

7/17 – Patriots Coach Bill Belichick’s Military Shirt Annoying the Crap Out of Liberals

“Celebrate the end of Osama Bin Laden with this T-shirt.” As much as I dislike Belichick and the Patriots it’s hard not to like him here…

7/17 – Tapson: The Left’s Next Step – Redefining ‘Hate Speech’ as Violence

This needs to be a post of it’s own. As others have written, “My violence is speech but your speech is violence”

7/17 – DC Comics Reboots Snagglepuss as ‘Gay, Southern Gothic Playwright’

Destroying an iconic character on the altar of PC? Marvel must be proud – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

7/18 – ‘Out’ Magazine to Readers: Drop Your Gay Conservative Friends

This weeks edition of “Your best bigotry comes from the Radical Left!”

7/18 – Linda Sarsour Says Jake Tapper Is A White Nationalist

Popcorn, please!

7/19 – Louisiana Democrats Purge Thomas Jefferson, the Man Who Acquired Louisiana

The Radical Left – making America dumber one Memory Hole at a time!

7/19 – Feminist Critic Trashes New Doctor Who For Not Being Black And Transgender

I shouldn’t be surprised when my ridiculously over the top jokes mocking Leftists come true two days later…

7/19 – Women’s March Accuses NRA Ad of Supporting Terrorism… Then Praises a Terrorist

Speaking of stupidity from Feminists…

7/20 – Gay Activist on Targeting Christians: We’re Going to Punish the Wicked’

I’m a bit disappointed. As I’ve said many times before, I support every gay couple’s right to marry in the mosque of their choice!

7/20 – Bill Nye Can’t Wait for ‘Climate Deniers’ to Die Off

Bill, Bill, Bill. As I’ve said about the many changes that Climatistas want us to make to our lives, why don’t you lead by example?

7/20 – Lena Dunham to Appear in Season Seven of ‘American Horror Story’

(Rude comment overload)

7/21 – Minnesota Schools Adopt Transgender Toolkit for Kindergartners

And the public school system continues to advertise for the benefits of charter schools and homeschooling.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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