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democrats are on a tear. They are coming unglued, so filled are they with the hatred of Donald Trump. He wasn’t supposed to win and democrats are still butt-sore, so they fabricated a fantasy about Russian collusion and tried to take him down with it. Former FBI Director James Comey blew that one out of the water, so today collusion is out, but obstruction is in.

Except that that’s out too.

Elizabeth Price Foley joined Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley in educating our friends on the left that nothing Donald Trump has done amounts to obstruction:

“To the extent that people want try to make this obstruction of justice, there’s a million different layers why this is not technically obstruction of justice, either as a statutory matter or a constitutional matter,” Foley said. “But this point particularly about a ‘corrupt intent’ is even worse. Because think about it, the president also has the authority under Article II [of the Constitution] to pardon people, but we don’t say for example that the president can’t pardon a certain person because he has a corrupt intent, he likes the guy he’s known him for a long time so therefore he can’t pardon him.”

“The pardon power like the power to head the investigative, or the rest of the executive branch like the FBI, like the DOJ is a plenary discretionary authority of the president. He can pardon anybody for any reason he wants, corrupt purpose or no, and he can direct the investigation or non- investigation corrupt motive or no,” she added.

They’re running out of legal means to rid themselves, so they’re resorting to new tactic:

“Will no one rid me of this troublesome President?”

It started as casual banter. Over at Buzzfeed, Maycie Thornton hoped that “Maybe someone will assassinate” Donald Trump.



Then Kathy Griffin wore her emotions on her, er, hand as she revealed her desire to behead Donald Trump.


Now there’s even a play about assassinating Donald Trump. It’s thinly veiled as a recreation of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, featuring an orange-haired contemporary business-suited Trump-like Caesar who gets gutted.

Bank of America and Delta Airlines have dropped their sponsorship of the play, but the NY Times continues its support. Fareed Zakaria, author of The Post American World, calls the play a “masterpiece.” Zakaria’s boss, Time Warner, is also a sponsor.

An image of Zakaria is embedded in the Daily Wire article.


The collusion and obstruction lunacy have failed. Zakaria asserts that there are only two forces left to constrain Trump- the media and the courts.  I guess if that doesn’t work to the satisfaction of Zakaria and the left, then assassination is the only resort. The only “reasonable” thing to do.

So they’ve begun to normalize the possibility. To pave the road and invite the appropriate traveler. You can almost hear Zakaria pleading for it.

I get that they hate him, but this is frightening- even for the left.

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