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It’s amazing how insanely short the news cycle has become under President Trump. Remember when the Radical Left lost their collective minds over our president’s decision to not transfer gobs of American wealth to 3rd world dictators and warlords while giving India and China a massive competitive edge over the American economy? That was less than a week ago, and already seems like an eternity has passed as the Radical Left has moved back to Chicken Little mode, howling that Russia is falling.

At any rate, I didn’t get the time to write this post as quickly as I would have liked, but I didn’t forget and this is too telling to let drop. If you caught what has become my weekly roundup in Radical Leftism for the week ending 6/2 one of the items I featured was The Federalist’s Bre Payton’s collection of 15 insane reactions to America’s withdrawal from the Paris deal. I noticed this across Facebook and Twitter, but I haven’t seen Leftists in this kind of purple faced rage since… what was it one week, two? Anyway, I decided to look at the Twitter timelines of the fifteen feeds Payton listed versus how they reacted to children being slaughtered in Manchester the week before.

1. Billionaire sugar daddy for radical leftist causes, Tom Steyer:

On Manchester all that he had was a lukewarm retweet from some weak-kneed has been:

Scientific American

I have to admit, that based on the nature of the publication I wasn’t expecting anything on the Manchester attacks and would have given these guys a pass had they ignored the story.  Not quite.

I have to admit a few of the points in the linked article weren’t bad, although some were. And unfortunately there was no mention of the science behind which forms of ordnance are the most effective at transforming terrorists into hamburger.

Washington Post – no tweet, just this completely rational statement

The prospect of an enormous iceberg afloat in the seas around Antarctica could draw further attention to the threat of climate change at a time when President Trump is considering whether to exit the Paris agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

And since that particular author only writes about theology (of the Climate Cult variety), I went to other general coverage in The Post.

Manchester police chief reports increase in hate crimes since attack 

Yes, we should be concerned about offending people who want to kill us.

Jon Ossoff, the latest in the string of “Democrats who will be the decisive referendum on Trump.” Until they lose:

On Manchester, silence.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

On Manchester, silence. But while I’m no fan of Tyson I can’t fault him here for not weighing in on Manchester since his twitter feed is strictly on scientific issues.

Actress Patricia Arquette

The Vatican – I’m old enough to remember when the quip “Is the Pope Catholic?” was actually a joke.

Grassroots organizer Trita Parsi

Sierra Club

Again, I’d be willing to give a pass as I did w/ Tyson. No such luck, as we got this retweet on their feed:

Annie Lowrey from The Atlantic

The Washington Post‘s Erik Wemple writes: “‘Fox & Friends’ is a planetary threat.” Because the morning show had a conservative guest who spoke critically about climate change, they must be actively trying to destroy the earth. Again, his Manchester tweet would have been reasonable had it carried the same tone as his Climate Cult comments.

Huffington Post – no real surprise here.

ACLU – Um, the ACLU is weighing in on Climate Cultism why? To their credit, this does put them on the path to defending freedom of religion again.

Wall Street Journal’s Chris Mims – the climate quote could have worked had he substituted the word “constitutionally” with “scientifically”. And while his Manchester tweet was simply straight reporting instead of the weepy apologies, he could have shown the same objectivity on the Paris Deal.

And finally, Vice’s Chelsey B Coombs wrote something that must have been so embarrassing that she had to delete it from her Twitter timeline. Here’s the original url, and if anyone can find a screen grab of the original I’ll update this post.

And one bonus piece of parting stupidity that I just spotted today (H/T Ace):

So what does this all mean? We’ve seen no shortage of outrage over what would have been a massive wealth transfer for virtually no environmental impact, and it would have been nice to see a fraction of the same outrage over children being slaughtered. Or as I find myself saying far too often:

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