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Over the weekend Sen. Mark Warner, the top democrat on the Senate Intelligence community, said (as so many already have) that there is no smoking gun in the Trump-Russia investigation:

WASHINGTON – The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee says “there’s no smoking gun” in the Russian collusion investigation and Hillary Clinton leaped to conclusions when she said Americans “guided” the Kremlin ‘s meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

“There’s a lot of smoke,” Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) told CNN’s “State of the Union.” “We have no smoking gun at this point. But there is a lot of smoke.”

Warner also didn’t back up Clinton’s assertion Wednesday that Americans helped the Russians in how best to weaponize information to hurt her during the presidential election. Warner said there’s no “foolproof” evidence yet that Russian paid Internet trolls to target the fake news to certain states and demographics.

“I’m not where Secretary Clinton is in terms of jumping to a conclusion,” Warner said. “But this is one of the many questions that we need to investigate.”

There’s a lot of smoke. Uh huh. That smoke is coming from the burning asses of democrats who can’t find any crimes committed by Trump. Has anyone anywhere seen a single example of “Russian hacking”? With their incessant carping, democrats have 59% of their addle-minded constituents believing that Russia actually changed the Presidential vote tallies.

The feckless Maxine Waters insists on impeaching Trump without a shred of evidence of wrongdoing. The equally vapid Rep. Al Green is also bent on impeachment without any evidence of wrongdoing.

It’s been obvious to anyone with half a brain that Russia was not out to help Trump as much as it was to hinder hillary clinton for her interference in Russia’s elections. democrats have been furiously trying to smother that fact. It was this morning, though, that democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV) spilled the beans on how democrats view the investigation and how it will be conducted.

In an interview on CBS This Morning Manchin responded to a question from Charlie Rose saying

“Help us prove your innocence”

It’s at 4:37 of the video here.

“Help us prove your innocence.”

Astonishing. Absolutely mind boggling.  Manchin might want to re-acquaint himself with the US Constitution. The legal system does not work that way.

The prosecution must, in most cases prove that the accused is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. … Under the Justinian Codes and English common law, the accused is presumed innocent in criminal proceedings, and in civil proceedings (like breach of contract) both sides must issue proof.

One does not prove one is innocent, but as Manchin demonstrates, this is the standard democrats are going to employ on Trump. Trump will need to prove he’s innocent rather than them prove he’s done anything wrong.

It’s all is a ruse. It is means of crippling Donald Trump’s Presidency. Has anyone seen a single concrete example of Russian “hacking”? Collusion?



If Trump speaks to a foreign leader, the transcript is leaked.  If Trump meets with anyone, it’s leaked. If Trump passes gas, it’s leaked. These are felonies being committed- pretty close to treason. So I stand by something I wrote back in March. if there was anything to the Trump-Russian thing, it would have been leaked by the obama holdovers who are in the White House looking to damage Trump.

There is nothing there. So expect this quixotic vendetta to continue for the entire Trump Presidency.


I could not let this idiocy pass

Maryland Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin said in a speech Saturday that President Donald Trump is a “hoax perpetrated on the Americans by the Russians.”

The comment from Raskin came while he spoke at the March for Truth in Washington D.C. Marches were held throughout the country Saturday as protesters called for Congress to establish an independent commission to look into alleged ties between Russia and President Trump.







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