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Good news DNC! In 2020 you won’t even have to pretend that you’re not disenfranchising voters with another sham primary! Since we know that in 2016 you ran the perfect candidate who actually won the election – unless of course, you go by the rules that both sides agreed upon beforehand! Since you had the perfect candidate, why not simply run a younger, less alcoholic and less brain damaged version? Thankfully in this past week your 2020 nominee was revealed!

Holds half of the country in total contempt?


Is childishly disrespectful toward our current president?


Blames other for personal shortcomings?>


And above all, selfishly never, ever accept responsibility for the consequences of one’s actions.

Check. (When even Keith Olbermann is telling you to knock it off you might want to listen)

That’s right, Kathy Griffin in 2020!

Image appears via The People’s Cube

Because frankly, with all of the Leftist insanity that the 2016 election has brought to the surface why should this idea seem any crazier?

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