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Happy start of summer, everybody! Another week, another day of the Radical Left reminding us how grateful we should be that the enabler of the world’s most famous sexual predator is not our president!  Let’s jump right in…

The week started off with the long Memorial Day weekend, where the nation comes together to appreciate our brave members of the military who gave their lives defending our freedom, right? Not at Vox!

5/29 – Blasts Marines’ ‘Toxic Masculinity’ … on Memorial Day

Not to be outdone…

5/29 – On Memorial Day, Trump Does Something That Would’ve Put Obama on Every Front Page

I believe the term “journalists” use is “it would legitimize the Trump presidency”

5/30 – Students Sad Over Release Of This Video Exposing Their Stomach-Churning Antics

Yep, you read that right! Students get caught on camera throwing a fit and harassing their professors, then get upset that they got caught! This reminds me of a trick that an old friend of Sister Babe’s showed us when Little Bob was a toddler and threw the (thankfully) occasional tantrum – film them on your phone and play it back to them while they’re still screaming. Maybe these kids could have used that treatment!

5/31 – CNN Host ‘Beheads’ Trump

By now there are few people in America who haven’t heard about Kathy Griffin culturally appropriating ISIS culture for a snuff picture. This particular link that I’ve shared shows Mark Dice ridiculing the stupidity of the reactions by the CNN talking hairdos.

5/31 – Portland GOP Chair Says They’re Considering Using a ‘Security Force’ to Protect Free Speech

I’m old enough to remember when “Security Force to protect” was called “local law enforcement”. Where is the civil rights lawsuit?

6/1 – ‘The Guardian’ Defends ‘Blacks Only’ Spaces

This week’s edition of your best bigotry coming from the Radical Left!

6/1 – The Complete (And Ever Expanding) List Of Hillary’s Excuses For Election Loss

Brain damage victim with a drinking problem continues her “Reaffirming evryone who reluctantly voted for President Trump” tour

6/1 – 15 Over-The-Top Reactions To Trump’s Withdrawal From Paris Climate Deal

Even the most hardened #NeverTrump heart couldn’t read these and not be grateful that President Trump’s election has kept these people out of power

6/2 – Climate disaster averted: World to end Friday during Kathy Griffin presser on being bullied by Trump family

As Kathy Griffin’s career drowns, she calls for her lawyer to throw her an anvil and declare that the real victim in this is… Kathy Griffin! And I’m not even going to address the vile glee that we saw from Radical Leftists over an 11 year old boy being distraught over seeing an image of his decapitated father on TV… #LoveWins!

Have a great weekend and be safe!

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