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democrats are totally out of control of late. They continue to erode the dignity of Congress, sitting on the floor in protest and throwing unending tantrums. In short, they’re a**holes. It’s all part of the plan. But for a moment, let’s put the shoes on the other feet. What if Republicans and conservatives acted in a similar manner? How would the media react? How would America react?

What if Republicans broke out in song singing “Papa was a rolling stone” every time obama appeared before Congress?

Democrats in Congress reacted to the passing of Donald Trump’s healthcare act by furiously trolling Republican politicians whom they say will regret voting for the bill.

The American Health Care Act, informally known as “Trumpcare” passed in House of Representatives by smallest of margin on Thursday,

Video footage from inside the chamber after the vote finished showed Democrats gleefully chanting: “Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!”

What if Milo said he wanted to have a “beat the sh*t out of illegals” day?


What if Catherine Herridge of Fox News said “a black man made the health care of white women very, very expensive“?

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” guest host Andrea Mitchell told Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price that the House Republicans who voted for the American Health Care Act are “mostly all men and white men at that.”

What if Kid Rock posed in a picture flipping off obama?


What if Sen. Tom Cotton said he wanted to cut democrats open?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) joked last week that she hoped Republicans donated their bodies to science so she could “cut them open” when they died.

“I hope they leave their bodies to science. I would like to cut them open,” Warren said during an event in Chicago on Saturday.

What if Tucker Carlson said he wanted democrats to watch their families suffer and die?

Eichenwald said on Twitter Friday night that he hopes every Republican who voted in favor of the American Health Care Act on Thursday sees a family member come down with a serious “long term” illness and lose their insurance before dying. When challenged, Eichenwald doubled down. “I want them to be tortured,” he said of Republicans who supported the AHCA. He added: “I want the [Republicans] who supported this to feel the pain in their own families.”

What if teachers in Southern schools told students to smash obama pinatas?

WELD COUNTY — Weld County School District RE-5J issued a statement on their Facebook page Saturday evening addressing accusations that a teacher allowed students to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by smashing a pinata with President Donald Trump’s picture on it.

According to the statement, photos circulated by students show the piñata, the piñata tied to a tree, and a student with a bat in hand near the piñata.

What if Republicans began swearing non-stop? Kamala Harris and Tom Perez are the poster children for left wing crassness. Perez seems unable to articulate a thought without profanity

Swearing has become such a part of Democratic stump speeches that profane clips have become routine in Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez’s speeches. With children on stage behind him, Perez told an audience in Las Vegas this weekend that Trump “doesn’t give a shit about health care.”
Perez, President Barack Obama’s former labor secretary, made similar comments earlier this year.
“They call it a skinny budget, I call it a shitty budget,” Perez said in Portland, Maine.

and Harris loves dropping F bombs.

“Like this guy, this congressman, you might as well say, ‘People don’t starve because they don’t have food.’ What the f**k is that?” Harris said.

What if Breitbart suggested someone assassinate Hillary Clinton?

Screenshots from BuzzFeed’s private chat site show the website’s staff members joking about a potential assassination of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“Maybe someone will assassinate him,” quipped Maycie Thornton, BuzzFeed’s Director of Social Media, according to screenshots from the website’s Slack group obtained by Big League Politics.

“Lol,” responds Nick Guillory, Social Media Strategist for BuzzFeed’s food vertical.

“Lol Maycie I have thought the same thing,” chimes in Kari Koeppel, the site’s Video Research Manager, after which Guillory writes “but I meannnnnnnnn [sic].

What if Greg Gutfeld made a joke about obama having sex with his daughters?

“A lot of us thought: Ivanka is gonna be our saving grace,” the host of HBO’s Real Time said during an interview with New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman.

“When he’s about to nuke Finland or something, she’s gonna walk into the bedroom and — ‘Daddy, Daddy,’” Maher cooed, making a lewd hand gesture. “‘Don’t do it, Daddy.’”

What if Sean Hannity said barack obama’s mouth was Iran President Hassan Rouhani’s cock holster?


At least that would have a lot of truth to it.

And no Trump foundation got millions in donations and $500,000 in speaking fees in return for selling US uranium stocks


As I said, this is all part of a plan. This lack of civility and class is part of what’s known as community organizing, and we all know who the community organizer in chief is. The country has embarked on a four year tantrum and the irony is that as people tire of the crassness and vulgarity it is likely to lead to an eight year tantrum.