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We did not elect our Republican’s to act like the damn liberals. And yet, here we are. Once we pass the bill, we’ll have a chance to really explain it:

You know this thing is going down in flames now.

As it should.

And our President know’s it:

With the house vote looming Friday on the American Health Care Act, President Donald Trump has started to distance himself from the possibility if the House bill does not pass. First reported by the New York Times, President Trump, “reportedly questioned his decision to several allies, saying he should’ve prioritized tax reform after seeing the immediate Republican fallout from the GOP healthcare proposal.”

After inviting and courting congressional members to the White House this week, the President has been unable to satisfy Republicans House Freedom Caucus members who find the bill does not do enough to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

This thing has felt rushed from the git-go.

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