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If an asteroid was headed for Sweden, the response of the Swedes would be to deny it, right up to impact. They would not get excited. They would not react. They would just die.

Because they’re so open minded and tolerant.

Donald Trump made a statement, admittedly clumsy, about the effect of immigrants on Sweden. It ain’t pretty. He was roundly ridiculed.

Now, a few days later riots have broken out in the Stockholm neighborhood of Rinkeby:

Riots broke out in a predominantly immigrant neighborhood of Stockholm Monday night, as residents clashed with police officers and set vehicles on fire, Swedish police say.

Officers were forced to call in reinforcements when a crowd began to gather in the suburb of Rinkeby during the arrest of a suspect, according to a statement from Stockholm police.

Stockholm regional police chief Ulf Johansson said the clashes may have been a result of their “increased pressure on criminals in the area.” The clashes come days after US President Donald Trump suggested that immigrants in Sweden were to blame for an increase in crime across the country.

It’s interesting how many different ways a story can be reported. I’d like you to pay attention to how this was reported by different new sources.


Police say between 30-50 people were involved in the disturbances.

Seven or eight cars were destroyed.

When it comes to the cops and most political leaders, this is just another day at the fjord.

The LA Times reported that the riots followed a drug arrest  and that the rioting was not particularly widespread. Police spokeman Lars Bystron was quoted as saying

“This kind of situation doesn’t happen that often but it is always regrettable when it happens,”

Let’s see how politicians are responding. From Express UK:

Erik Åkerlund, who is chief in Botkyrka, southern Stockholm, criticised reports claims there are more than 50 lawless areas in the Scandinavian country as he claimed they should actually be seen as “go-go zones” for officials.


Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has dismissed claims migrants are to blame for most serious crimes

But from RT

Benjamin Dousa, a Moderate politician from Rinkeby, told that riots and car burnings are part of everyday life in the district.

“On average, we have one riot in the month, a car fire per day, and the most shootings across the country,” he claimed, before alleging that there are between 800-1000 professional criminal youth in Rinkeby and some surrounding areas.

A retired police investigator had this to say:

In a fiery Springare, who is a police investigator in Örebro, a small city in southern Sweden, hit out against the crisis facing Sweden as he suggested criminal migrants were one of the core issues.

The former deputy chief of the serious crimes division wrote: “I’m so f***** tired. What I’m writing here isn’t politically correct. But I don’t care.

“Our pensioners are on their knees, the schools are a mess, healthcare is an inferno, the police is completely destroyed. Everyone knows why, but none dares or wants to say why.”

Listen to how the Sweden’s Prime Minister parses his words:

Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven cast doubt over Mr Springare’s comments, saying:  “I don’t know what it looks like in Örebro, but from a broader perspective I have a very hard time believing 100 per cent of police investigation resources are spent on crimes committed by immigrants. I would say that it is wrong.”

This is WaPo via the Chicago Tribune:

Over four hours, the crowd burned about half a dozen cars, vandalized several shopfronts, and threw rocks at police. Police spokesman Lars Bystrom confirmed to Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter newspaper that an officer had fired shots with intention to hit a rioter, but did not strike his target. A photographer for the newspaper was attacked by more than a dozen men and his camera was stolen, but no one was ultimately hurt or even arrested.

Golly, as though none of this was against the law! No one ulimately hurt? Well, there was this photographer:

A photographer from Dagens Nyheter was also reportedly attacked during the clashes as he said a group of around 15 people had assaulted him when he arrived in Rinkeby to report on the unrest.

“I was hit with a lot of punches and kicks both to my body and my head. I have spent the night in hospital,” he said.

And there were those cops

Three Swedish police officers were taken to hospital after being attacked by a violent mob on a routine mission in a ‘no-go zone’ on Friday evening.

Rinkeby is one of those non-existent “no-go” zones where a 60 Minutes crew was attacked in 2016. It is also known as “Little Mogadishu.”

The Daily Mail:

This is the moment a 60 Minutes crew working with reporter Liz Hayes was attacked while on on assignment in Stockholm.

Crew members were interviewing residents about the European migrant crisis in the suburb of Rinkeyby when they were set upon by a group of masked men.

Footage released by the Nine Network on Friday show Ms Hayes politely walking through the streets saying hello to a group of men.

But the situation spiraled get out of hand – with an assailant hurling a heavy metal can and members of the team kicked and punched.

The network claims a cameraman was even run over.

The Malmö police chief is begging for help:

After a wave of violence in Sweden’s third city, police boss Stefan Sintéus has appealed to residents in Malmö: “Help us. Help us to tackle the problems. Cooperate with us.”
In an opinion piece published by regional newspaper Sydsvenskan, he describes an “upward spiral of violence of great proportions” in the city, where police are currently dealing with 11 ongoing murder investigations and around 80 attempted murders.

The situation is surreal.

Paul Joseph Watson offered to pay for the travel to Sweden of any journalist “to stay in crime-ridden migrant suburbs of Malmo”:

He was immediately seized upon by the left:

Watson did put up the funds for Tim Pool.

Watson should insist Pool and his partner walk Rinkeby at night. The results will be interesting.

The RT article ends this way:

Last night riots erupted in the Stockholm district of Rinkeby, as police arrested a wanted suspect at a subway station. Between 30 and 50 people were involved in the disturbances, according to police.

A police officer was injured in the riot, which saw several warning shots fired at the crowd. It’s not known if any immigrants were involved in the unrest.

There is no way to know. Sweden doesn’t allow the recording of the ethnicity of criminals.

You know, so they don’t appear racist.

That certainly must make Elin Krantz’s parents proud. Meanwhile, all is well.

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