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The “end of world” meme angrily percolating from the media, has found energy in Trump Cabinet announcements. During the past election campaign this deplorable media has exhibited its Marxist leanings, as is willfully exhibited by the crowd at CNN which might as well be called the Communist News Network, led by the likes of Zakaria, and which has given a show to Maoist agitator Van Jones.  It will never approve, but can this media ever come close to understanding Trump’s Cabinet choices?



Sadly, the media will continue to carry water for the Democrats who have been shoved into the far left ideological abyss, clamouring for ever bigger government intrusion on personal freedoms and stifling the Nation’s entrepreneurship.

Let me state up-front that I deplore the actions of the senior bankers, Wall Street and the too-big-to-fails over the past twenty years, for reasons I’ve endlessly enumerated here on FA. Now lets assess Trump’s decision to attract billionaires which is giving the media such brain eroding hyperbolic gyrations.

Trump is reversing a long-standing tendency to pick lawyers and ideological hacks.  Obama’s cotery of appointed fools is ample evidence of what happens when socialists take control of power.  For eight years the government bureaucracy has exploded with the hiring of ideological comrades, and the killing of ‘new company’ creation. What policies were these political hacks executing? Obama’s and Jarrett’s.  They were provided marching orders and they followed their leader(s).

Trump has been given an opportunity to lead the Nation out of the Obama doldrums and slump, both nationally and internationally.  For anyone looking, it is evident that Trump knows how to surround himself with talent.  It should be noted that his operations have more female executives than the average American corporation. He picks those he believes will do the best job. What job?  The job he has committed to doing — igniting the creation of good paying jobs instead of the ‘part-time job’ creation we have witnessed for years, which has resulted in reduced incomes. Other important objectives are to squash the personal invasion and abuse of Obamacare, as well as end the ill-advised and objectionable Quantitative Easing which has created such vast disparity in our society.

Aside from Trump’s claim that he will get rid of thousands of the activist Obama’s ‘pen and phone’ freedom-suffocating executive orders, which have burdened the Nation in very typically socialist fashion, he also knows that he has to deliver a turn-around.

Reining-in the vast build-up of bureaucracies across all departments will need concerted, determined and knowledgeable effort, as well as unusual and experienced talent.  Trump may not be able to bring “zero based budgeting” determination to the government departments, however he can bring to bear “zero based budgeting” mindsets and attitudes to lead those departments.  This will be vastly different from the zealot posture that has been deeply ensconced across all government departments for eight years.

I have always maintained that for a leader to be effective, he or she must do the following:  Select the right people, doing the right thing, heading in the right direction.

Trump has built a successful business being an effective, determined and inspiring leader.  He has chosen individuals whom he believes know what they’re doing, are intelligent, are people he respects, who can understand a vision, who can focus on goals, and can execute.

Regardless what their views on specific elements of America’s affairs, these men and women will be loyal to the President, not to their previous organizations, and not to Congress.  Trump is determined to implement his vision for a strong Nation. Strong in all respects, from financial to military.

People believing the MSM tropes that Trump simply intends to make himself and a few of his friends richer, don’t understand Trump, and are only continuing to accept proclamations from the very same media which told them that Clinton would win and why.  Trump isn’t going to the Oval Office for money.  We have become jaded with decades of Clinton maneuverings and other politicos selling ‘influence’  and ‘access.’

One of the more idiotic squeals this week has been around the supposed “friendship” between Rex Tillerson and Putin.  When one reaches prominence in business, ‘people’ take your phone call. Putin is obviously an acquaintance, but the media’s perplexed mental inversions over his “friendship” are clearly signs that the hateful media is standing in ignorance.  Plus, Tillerson is no fool and knows exactly who Putin really is, and he would have received detailed debriefings before he ever had a first meeting with him  —  because THAT is what you do when you’re heading into an important business negotiation, and few private individuals have access to the vast resources Tillerson has been able to tap.  His perspective will be refreshing given the moonbeam fantasies we have witnessed such as Obama’s and Kerry’s inexperienced rose coloured views of Iranian leadership.

Even after winning the election, Trump continues to daily repeat his commitments to the Nation.  Trump continues to demonstrate that he is and will continue to be a disrupter, clarifying the morass that has gripped America for too long.

He has developed a direct communications link with the public, a connection that brought him enough votes for the Presidency.  That is his ‘political capital.’  He will use it to move Congress to his agenda, if and when necessary.

Trump is stepping over a threshold from business leader to President, and as he passes into this next stage of his journey at the age of 70, there is little doubt that he is taking seriously and personally his responsibility to apply his capabilities toward improving the circumstance of his fellow Americans.  The non-ideologue team he is pulling around him will follow his program.

And as Confucius said, “Go before the people with your example, and be laborious in their affairs.

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