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Once again, the media and the Democrats are trying to intimidate the American people into allowing the disqualification of Trump for President.  They are insisting that Russia swayed our election, working for the Trump presidency. To fulfill the progressives agenda of delegitimizing the Trump presidency, all of the mainstream media and most of the progressives in Congress, including McCain and Graham, have  spent the weekend pursing a narrative that is inconsistent at best, and a total lie at worst. It is a murky story from “senior Administration” officials who are not named and won’t go on the record, but the American people are being told to accept the non-details that can’t be verified and do not rely on evidence.

The narrative that is being promulgated by the mainstream media and progressives is full of holes. The main narrative as being told by the New York Times and the Washington Post, both progressives sycophants has been that the RNC was hacked by the Russians as well. No evidence, but a narrative that will be foisted on the American people from now until the inauguration. To make the narrative appear more compelling is the New York Times claiming that 17 intelligence agencies have agreed that the Russians were compelled to influence the election in favor of Donald Trump.

Many on the progressive side have even claimed that Trump is a Russian agent. Those that are screaming the loudest about the Russian connection are in fact, not intelligence agents but people such as Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Podesta, Michael Moore, John Podesta, and Soros affiliated groups such as Media Maters and Think Progress. Not on the list are any real sources from the intelligence agencies. Those in the intelligence field have not come forward or even identified who it is in these intelligence agencies that have made this claim. It is the political operatives of the progressives, pundits who are working for those same progressives, and the progressive media that continue to attempt to find a way to invalidate the Trump election.

Both the Times and the Washington Post have no idea what the Russians thought about our elections, with even the Washington Post, the same newspaper making these claims now, admitted that they could not come to a conclusion about the scope nor the reason for Russian hacking. This is the same newspaper that hired over 20 reporters for no purpose other than to discredit the Trump campaign. Throughout the campaign the Washington Post, working with John Podesta, a Soros flunky, printed allegations without source or any facts that a fact checker could easily refute.

If the story was true, and this administration had actionable intelligence that proved this fallacy, why has no one been arrested?  Why are these intelligence agencies allowed to remained faceless and nameless?  It may be as simple as the intelligence agencies have allowed the narrative to be crafted by Podesta, the Soros-Hillary crime syndicate, and this administration. Once again, if this is fact based, let the American  people see the facts, and show the evidence that these intelligence agencies supposedly have.” Trust me” will not work this time the fiction and lies being perpetrated is of a part of the “fake news” that the mainstream media has been loudly proclaiming to the masses. Or was the fake news meme just a precursor for this story, as fake as it is.

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus challenged NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” to name a source, any source that could show evidence that the RNC was hacked as stated in the New York Times and other progressive websites. It was later pointed out that the Washington Post had changed the story, again through “unnamed sources” and reported to be inconclusive. RNC spokesman Sean Spicer made quite clear to Michael Smerconish  of CNN, that after working with intelligence agencies, that the conclusion that no one at the RNC was hacked. This proof was offered to the New York Times but, as usual, the Times ignored any facts that did not fit the narrative.

Those who claim Russia was behind the hacking in the CIA have yet to explain why the FBI and Republican and Democrat members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence disagrees with this CIA “Unnamed sources” conclusion. The FBI has gone so far that they called the CIA report “fuzzy” and “ambiguous”. And even veterans from the CIA have declared the story a “rush to judgment”. One veteran of the CIA has claimed that this story has been extremely politicized.

The Washington Post also claims that out intelligence agencies have proof and the individuals with connections to the Russian government who initiated these cyber attacks. It also states that this presentation made by the CIA fell far short of an actual formal assessment, and far short of agreement among the “17  agencies” who were supposedly all in agreement.

For almost a year now, The progressives/Socialist of the Democrat party have been asking Obama to release all the details that are available on the information that the intelligence agencies are in possession of. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and National Intelligence James Clapper stated that  “ the Russian Government has directed recent compromises of US persons and institutions, including US political organizations. Once again, no names, no evidence, and information that could help the public to make an informed decision.

In the final conclusion, according to everyone, there is no actual evidence of direct Kremlin involvement in the hacks or that the hacks has as an agenda to assist Trump. It is the FBI that is basing comments on facts, and it is the CIA that is attempting to discredit the election.

It is informative that the mainstream media is all atwitter about the supposed Russian hacking, but not about the corruption that the leaks made clear to the American people. Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks has already stated that the information that they received from Russian hackers, but a leak from an insider. Why is the CIA not looking at the murder of Mark Rich? Perhaps an investigation into his murder would shine some light on the real evidence.

Craig Murray, once UK ambassador to Uzbekistan has claimed to know how this information was leaked and given to Wikileaks. It was an insider, not a hacker, and the leaker is not Russian.

The issue of where the Wikileaks information came from is no more than a attempt to sway the Electoral College votes on December 19th. Obama, Hillary and the Democrat congress have a reason to make this an issue in the next few weeks. It is just one more attempt to invalidate the election of Donald Trump as our next President.

It is still not clear if the Progressives will ever admit that they did not lose the election because of supposed Russian hacking. They lost because of Obamas unconstitutional policies and the crimes committed by Hillary. They lost because the American people were tired of the progressive dynasties of Obama and Hillary.

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