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The Washington Post’s Chris Cilia wrote a  “winners and losers” column that was mildly entertaining, if a bit predictable, citing a few politicians, big donors, the media etc. It was actually fairly evenhanded coming from a Leftist Kool Aid guzzler. I’d like to present a list that goes a bit below the surface:


The Constitution

Yes, I haven’t forgotten Trump’s threats against the press. I din’t like them then and still don’t. Given the choice between Trump and someone campaigning on a platform of abolishing the Bill of Rights I’ll take Trump any day. And hopefully our President-Elect will have less of an “I’ve got a pen and a phone” attitude and actually respect separation of powers.


Trump was the biggest middle finger to the establishment, and that goes for both parties. I’d like to think that they’re both learning from this, but early reaction by Democrats tell me that won’t happen. What say you, Republicans?

The Press

Finally, after spending eight years as a pack of rabid presidential colon lickers there will finally be concern and stories about how government corruption is wrong, about people hurt by misguided policies, etc.


Thank you for not voting, Colin Kaepernick. By not voting you’ve actually managed to turn even the left wing sports press against you. And finally the NFL doesn’t have to sweat and pretend you’re anything other than a self absorbed a-hole.

The Obama Legacy

Thanks to his presidency being followed by a Republican, guess who’s going to be blamed by the press and every unthinking Democrat as the various flaming turds that Obama is leaving on the porch as he leaves (Obamacare, foreign policy) finally burst into major fires? Hint: it won’t be the president who started the fires.

Rule of Law

Again, by not being committed by a powerful Democrat, things like endangering national security, betraying our country to foreigners, etc. will actually be considered wrong by everybody across the political spectrum!

Millennials, College Students

America’s young adults grouse as being labeled as special snowflakes who expect a gold star for participation, and the post-election tantrums we’ve seen on various campuses did nothing to dispel that notion. But for a generation where too many have never been allowed to experience losing or failure, this could be the greatest gift ever. The day after, the week after, the month after, and the year after the election the world’s not going to end. Many will fail to learn this, but many will walk away with a valuable life lesson


Donald Trump

What?!? See my point on the Obama Legacy. President-Elect Trump (knowing how many people want to vomit at the sight of those words just gives me a warm feeing) is going to face some horrible challenges, and whether it will be fair or not (depending on Trump’s actions), he will be unanimously blamed by the media and every Democrat in a completely united front.

Leftist Integrity

OK, now that Hillary is going away can you please look at everything that she’s done objectively and ask yourself if the same deeds were done by a woman named Palin would they suddenly be wrong?

And of course, all of the post-election tantrums are completely affirming the choice made by every reluctant Trump voter (such as this author) who don’t want to see someone with your mindset in control.

The Obama Legacy

Forget his policy failures for a moment. Look at the all of the offices that Democrats have lost across the country since he took office. As Rush Limbaugh has pointed out, when Obama’s policies are on the ballot without him  they get crushed. And this is going to take a long time to rebuild.

Hillary’s Legacy

A friend wrote on Facebook a pretty scathing post on the selfish callousness of Hillary’s decision to not address her people when she conceded. This is one of the rare times I’ll give Hillary some benefit of the doubt. As much as I dislike her even I’m having trouble believing that she’s that cruel. I’m guessing that this is related to her health (note the footage of her being helped on the tarmac on Election Day). I also have a feeling that was why she had to beat a hasty retreat out the back door after her concession speech rather than say goodbye to her supporters waiting in the lobby. We may never know, but whether I’m right or not neither makes a good final impression.

The Press

The press was the biggest loser in all of this. One idiotic observation that Cilia dropped in his article was

Look, there’s just no way to sugarcoat it: Everyone — and I mean everyone — in the political press and punditry expected Clinton to win. She did not win. That is a failure on our part to properly understand what the electorate was telling us. What it is not is evidence of some sort of inherent liberal bias.

Correct, bad predictions are not a symptom of bias. But do you know what is, Chris? When you stop dropping any pretense of objectivity! Various leaks gave us an incredible insight into how the press colluded with the Clinton campaign, and in the post-election analysis too many legacy media types have simply doubled down on their sneering, condescending arrogance. Maybe it would be more constructive to try to educate themselves, much less try to understand the public they feel should accept their word as gospel?

What did I miss? You now where the comments section is…

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