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There are plenty of things to despise about Trump. Certainly there is no shortage of ammunition that the Democrats have to fire at Trump- ammunition supplied by Trump himself.

A liberal FB “friend” (I don’t really know her- have a mutual, actual friend) posted on her wall, “Disgusting. Trump is vile.” along with a link to the story of 12 year old J.J. Holmes, a boy with cerebral palsy who attend a Trump rally with his mom, as protest. They got kicked out (not sure what they did to warrant it).

Here’s my response:

Hey Rebecca,

I agree with you that Trump is vile. And a lot more. What’s “disgusting” is this political smear to rile up the base when there are already so many legitimate reasons he’s given the American people to make him unfit to lead the country (and no, I do not think Hillary is worthy of leading the U.S. either- but that aside…).

Holmes has been misled into the belief that Trump made fun of a reporter’s disability. Just like so many others have been misled. It is a distortion of reality- either willfully and knowingly for political partisanship; or because, PolitiFact, Snopes, etc. haven’t bothered to do the research and set the record straight.

This is from a pro-Trump site, written from a pro-Trump perspective- but the bottomline is this: Trump wasn’t making fun of the reporter’s disability.

The True Story: Donald Trump Did Not Mock a Reporter’s Disability

Even MORE Video Evidence Trump Did Not Mock Reporter’s Disability

I roll my eyes a bit at the political opportunism of President Obama in his photo op with Holmes (similar to Clock Boy Ahmed Mohamed); and praise President Obama in how he showed respect to a protester, handling it with class and dignity last week instead of getting flustered:

Not sure how Holmes and his mother were behaving in protesting the Trump rally (whether they were being disruptive or not) and what got them ejected. Perhaps they did nothing but

simply show up. But it’s off-putting to see Holmes being propagandized as a poor disabled boy being mistreated by Trump and his handlers; as well as perpetuating the political lie that Trump mocked a disabled reporter over his disability.

Click the links. FA may have already covered this topic; and I’m just late to the dance.

Trump is an equal-opportunity basher and treated Serge Kovaleskik, the reporter with the disability, with the same kind of ridicule he treats all of critics. He wasn’t mocking the reporter’s disability. Trump was mocking and questioning Kovaleskik’s abilities as an honest reporter.

What happens after today? Both presidential candidates are polarizing “leaders” and this country will be even more divided tomorrow. And I do not have confidence that either candidate has it in him/her to unite us.

The Electoral map does not favor Trump. But even if he were to pull off a Cubs miracle, Democrats take heart: I agree with Thiessen that Trump would amount to a third Obama term [said slightly with foot-in-mouth and tongue-in-cheek].

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