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“I really do want to be the president for everybody, people who vote for me and people who vote against me,” says Hillary Clinton.

“These splits, these divides that have been not only exposed but exacerbated by the campaign on the other side are ones that we really do have to bring the country together.”

If she is elected on Tuesday, she said, “I think I have some work to do to bring the country together.”

Catch that? “exposed and exacerbated by the other side…” As if she contributed nothing to this freaking mess. Problem is, that would be a bridge too far even if it was true, but it’s not. Hillary, you will be the President of Wall St, the super wealthy in this country, the very rich and and very poor. You have not cared nor will you care about the middle class. You and your campaign have conducted a scorched Earth campaign that will not be easily forgotten.

You screwed the Haitians.

Your hero manipulates elections in this country

You cheat at everything, even in your own party’s debates

You have subverted the legal system repeatedly

Your husband said your predecessor has pushed whites to the sidelines. And you want to build on that.

The economic stagnancy of the Obama years is to blame for plummeting life expectancy rates among white, working-class Americans, according to former president Bill Clinton, who privately told Democratic donors that lower-income whites “don’t have anything to look forward to when they get up in the morning.”

obamacare is in a death spiral. And you want to build on that.

You contracted a felon to incite violence against Trump and his supporters.

Those who would not vote for you have suffered physical attacks because of you

Many violent attacks at pro-Trump events appear to have been orchestrated by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and senior operatives in the Democratic National Committee. Undercover videos shot by ACORN slayer James O’Keefe’s group Project Veritas Action caught senior Democrat consultants Robert Creamer and Scott Foval acknowledging using dirty, likely illegal tricks against the Trump campaign. Both have since resigned from the DNC, a move some consider to be an admission of guilt. Their goal was to generate negative media coverage of Trump rallies by fomenting violence at them. The media eagerly used the various altercations Democrats created to attempt to discredit Trump by depicting his supporters as violent, knuckle-dragging crazies.

You encouraged your followers to suppress the rights of others

Your supporters gleefully intimidate Trump supporters

Your hate-filled supporters repeatedly have stolen property of Trump supporters

Your used your Foundation as a slush fund.

You are a worthy successor to obama in that you are a galactic liar.

You “resent” those of us who are against illegal immigration.

You have teminally corrupted the media

You happily take money from countries that murder gays and oppress women.

Your own campaign manager said you have little regard for ethics.

Here’s what your celebrity supporters have to say about us

You were proud to call Republicans your “enemy.”

You called Trump supporters “deplorable.”

You have destroyed all faith in the government and legal system.

You would be a President we simply cannot trust.

There’s no denying that Clinton regularly and blatantly misleads the public on material issues. It would be insane to expect that habit to change when she gets into the White House. The strongest possible defense of her is that her dishonesty problem isn’t really a problem. Some liberals basically make this case: Hillary Clinton is well-intentioned, intelligent, and capable, so she doesn’t owe the American people candor.

But this viewpoint isn’t compatible with a liberal republican democracy. It’s servile. It’s the path to despotism.

The harridan can’t even call for unity without taking taking a shot at the opposition.

Now you want us to forget all this and support you as out President. Now you’re going to be our President?

I don’t think so. You embody everything that’s wrong.

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