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Hollywood hypocrisy has been evident whether you have dealt directly with any of its many influencers, or have observed from a distance.  Hollywood has consistently and sanctimoniously forgiven itself and its money-makers whether it was on mistreatment of women, or minorities, or the abuse of those too young to defend themselves, or the sexualization of young women. No levels of immorality, or depravity have been too low for consideration as long as cash was in the offing.   Hollywood has for a century played impresario to American culture, or what Hollywood decided was American culture.  Presented often enough, repeated often enough, and delivered through giant theatre screens, or televisions, whatever “it” was, became so.  We became accustomed, or we became numb, as the powerful, unequalled Hollywood PR machine sold us whatever socio-political poison could entertain us, successfully parting us from our cash. Now Hollywood is going All-In on the cash sell-out.



While the Chinese Communist Party is feeling wealthy and remains on the hunt for foreign assets, Hollywood is anxious to humble itself for a chance at the feeding trough.  The Communist Party has sent it the Dalian Wanda Group led by its Chairman Wang Jianlin, to aggregate as much influence on Western audiences as he can stockpile.  After his requisite military service, 17 years in the People’s Army rising to position of colonel, Wang went on to build the world’s largest private property development company.  Do not underestimate the importance that the Communist Party places in high level military service for anyone to reach favourable status — the more ruthless you have shown yourself to be, the higher your ranking in ‘connection’ and potential wealth accumulation. The Hollywood sell-outs might do well to look up what it means to be a “Chinese Princeling,” or to be well connected.  Now Wang’s attention has been directed toward the entertainment business.

Wang Jianlin in the army


After his acquisition of America’s AMC cinemas for $US2.6 billion, Wan Jianlin became the world’s biggest cinema operator.  As he continues to acquire film distributors, he is moving to acquire control of “content.”  He paid $US3.5 billion for the US filmmaker Legendary Entertainment and is paying $US1 billion for Dick Clark Productions, the producer of award shows such as Golden Globes. Wang has voiced his intent to take positions in all six of the major studios.



Hollywood and the rationalizing leftists pretend that formerly applied pushback on the Japanese when Sony bought Columbia was unfounded, . . . as if there was any correlation between the events.  Yes, Japan and China are ‘Asian’, but NO, there is no resemblance between events.  First, the size of the acquisitions are hardly similar. More importantly, Japan is a democracy which did not dictate its movie portrayals in Hollywood.  It is not a ruthless communist dictatorship where the centrally controlled Chinese Communist Party is directly connected to all of its major corporations.  Individuals running those companies are figure heads who do the centrally managed bidding. Independence is tenuous.  Wang is smart, calculating, very successful, and can eat the lunch of the likes of Katzenberg, or Guber in LA.  He believes the Chinese film market will surpass the U.S. market within two years, and he will have firm control over the machines which direct and influence global culture.

Once he has completed his massive acquisition spree of Hollywood and other film industry assets, we cannot underestimate how much influence the Chinese Communist Party will have over what we ‘watch.’ It will be pervasive.  For now, we can’t expect Obama to be paying attention to any of this, although sixteen members of the House have attempted scrutiny over these Chinese acquisitions in Hollywood.  And well they should.  Pretending that propaganda and censorship are not of concern, is ignorance in the extreme, particularly given the corruption we have witnessed at the highest levels of Washington.



The Chinese Communist Party knows the importance of effective spin and disinformation.  It knows the usefulness of Hollywood’s powerful influence production pedlars in its long term agitprop strategies.  At first, the impact will be subtle, and then.  The Chinese party-state will continue to retain control and will spread its power and influence through violence.

The current crop of hypocritical Hollywood moguls know full well who they are selling their assets to, regardless what rationalizations they feed themselves and the rest of us.

Yes, the American dream is to build assets and then sell them to the highest bidder, . . . however.  When you have made a fortune, by any other name, and have more wealth than you can ever take the time to give-away, surely some measure of common sense can slide into your greed-addled moments to stimulate a few moral neurons between your ears.  Surely “selling-out” to a powerful nation which does NOT wish yours well, would make you pause.

China’s acquisition binge has included natural resource companies, particularly in Canada and Australia, with little push-back from these countries too anxious to curry favour with their biggest source of immigrants and cash. Other acquisitions by China, such as General Electric Appliances for $5.4 billion, were strategic for China, but have received almost no interest from our media, and were given minor government oversight.

The Chinese Communist Party will not change its colours and the State Administration of Press Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China will now have extended reach, but evidently the sanctimonious limousine-socialist Hollywood magnates are of unprincipled and extremely pliable minds — just bring your dollars and buy them.  Everything is for sale.

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