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The reports are virtually monolithic. Clinton is up 1000 points. There’s no point in Trump supporters even going out of vote. It’s over.

Clinton up by 12 points in ABC News poll

Clinton takes double-digit poll lead against Trump

Clinton surges to 7-point lead in Nevada two weeks before Election Day

Clinton looking past Trump to transition planning

Clinton aims to run up the score

At face value it does sound bleak. Yet begging to be contrasted to these reports are the large turnouts at Trump rallies:

20,000 Supporters Turn Out to See DONALD TRUMP in Tampa

Thousands expected at Donald Trump rally in Sanford

Thousands greet Donald Trump during spirited Greenville rally

Tim Kaine Holds Rally and ONLY 30 PEOPLE Show Up!

Small turnout for Hillary in Colorado

It really is difficult to know what to believe, especially as the State Run Media has thrown in completely behind the State candidate. Since the national conventions, 91% of Trump’s coverage has been hostile. It has become onerous to discern the truth as Pravda-US has made it their obligation to not just report on Trump, but to stop him. I don’t know how this election will turn out and I make no predictions.

However, if one is to believe Pravda-US, Trump will not simply lose, but he will crushed by more than 10 million votes and not reach 150 electoral votes. If it is anything less than that, Pravda-US will have cut their own throats. The thin line between Scott Pelley and Mario Lopez is barely visible now. If Trump loses by a thin margin, that line is gone and the US State Run Media has the credibility of the Russian State Media. Pravda-US will have accomplished its goal, but also will have caused it own demise in the process. Willingly becoming the State Run Media has its consequences.









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