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As I watch the news on hurricane Matthew, I wonder when our self-esteemed President will spike the ball on climate change?  Global warming, he told us this week, caused the war in Syria and evidently the left deplores the fact  that hurricane Matthew was not worse than it was.  It seems that the new religion and ‘cause célebre’ might have been better served with a much more violent storm. For a couple of days, 100% of the media has been hoping for such and Obama would have been handed the excuse to unilaterally impose a Carbon Tax system on American taxpayers — an excuse he is desperate to find.



The Globalist President has been getting a pass on his un-American globalist wishes for carbon taxes, open borders, open trade, etc., because it is lied about by the party he leads, as well as by the MSM.

Up steps Wikileaks.  Wikileaks has just offered us copies of private Hillary Clinton speeches made to bankers.  One simple paragraph from her mouth to our eyes, ears and common sense, tears open the curtain, exposing the deceptions  and intent of the Banker/Clinton/Obama machines.

“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.”

Well, there you are.   How can anyone argue with ‘motherhood and apple pie’?   Such pablum, strangely, was addressing an audience of bankers.   She may not have been the sharpest intellect in the room she was addressing, but regardless what she intended to include by the term “hemispheric”, it would reach beyond North America, whether that be Northern Hemisphere, slicing the earth north to south, or slice it east to west.  It matters not.  She, . . . they, did not and do not believe in borders.

Can you not picture the banker audience quietly clapping themselves into disbelief over their good fortune — another politician bought, paid for, and in the bag. YEssssss!  Can you not hear it? . . . . “She’s our next puppet in the oval office.”  Any wonder that Clinton brags that all bankers and CEOs of America’s top 100 corporations support her?

The Banker/Clinton/Obama coterie lies to the naive, often idealistic and unaware portion of the population that wants to believe their fabrications. They already assume they can count on the support of the self-loathing and guilt-ridden, so just lie to the rest and buy them — they already believe that un-repayable debt is good, so they’ll believe anything.

The statists have clobbered the vast middle class which bears the burden of big government, while the top 1% gets rewarded with windfalls from such things as ‘borrowed’ injections of capital into equity markets by Yellen.  Globalists dream of open borders, dream of weakening America, and they are succeeding.  Middle America has suffered shrinking living standards and watched as good jobs and good salaries emigrated to distant shores. New company formation is at historical lows, thanks to the crony capitalist system juicing the political system, and burdening the already struggling middle sized to small businesses.

The “redistribution” is working for the top 1%, but how is it that so many Banker/Clinton/Obama supporters cannot acknowledge, or recognize that they should no longer support these charlatans and their Central Bank printing press prosecuting a violent war against them?

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