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Yikes. The picture sends chills up my spine. The queen is not pleased.Does this look like someone who would even entertain your opinion?

Vote for me or you will die!

The Clintons have a long standing sense of entitlement- they see themselves as the political aristocracy:

It seems clear now that there are two Hillary Clintons. The first, who exists wholly in the abstract, is the one we have been waiting for. She is a Maker of History and a savior of women; an equal partner in the power couple that presided over the prosperity, cool, and competence of the 1990s; a world-beating secretary of state; a feminist who smashes glass ceilings and fights for all that is right and good. Millions of us are “Ready!” for her. The other exists in the real world. This Hillary is a person who lacks concrete achievements; whose inevitability never quite translates into evitability; whose rhetoric always seems to turn up empty; who has an impressive capacity for saying things that hurt her and her interests; and, most distressingly of all, who becomes instantly less likeable the moment she opens her mouth.

It affects both of them:

During yesterday’s Super Tuesday primaries, the former president entered a polling station with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh while campaigning for his wife in Massachusetts, a state that could have swayed for either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. It is illegal to campaign within 150 feet of a polling station, and given that he was an elected official for several years, Mr. Clinton was certainly aware he was breaking the rules.

Mr. Clinton defended himself, arguing he did not campaign or approach voters. But, because of his notoriety, he didn’t need to approach anyone—they were bound to confront him. When one voter asked for a photo with Mr. Clinton, he smugly responded, “As long as we’re not violating any election laws.” He knew there would be no reprehension because of his powerful political status, while in 2008 he continuously accused the Obama campaign of voter intimidation.

She exudes contempt for the proletariat all the time:

At a Clinton campaign rally last week, a former marine vocalized his disdain for how Ms. Clinton handled Benghazi as secretary of state, and Mr. Clinton responded by yelling at the individual to “shut up and listen.” Ms. Clinton displayed this same abrasiveness when interrupted by a Black Lives Matter activist at one of her $500-a-plate fundraisers. Ms. Clinton immediately responded to the activist angrily, out shouting the activist until security forcibly removed him from the fundraiser. During similar disturbances, her opponent, Mr. Sanders, either let the activist speak or addressed them in an understanding, compassionate manner. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton knew the incidents were being videotaped and would receive national attention, yet still reacted with entitlement—for who dares interrupt them when they are speaking?

And golly there’s lots more:

Ms. Clinton’s political record is filled with unapologetic contradictions. Nearly everything she has said during the 2016 presidential primaries can be traced back to completely contradictory past statements, and when confronted she reverts to planned, dismissive talking points. Ms. Clinton repeatedly obstructed the investigation into her email server as secretary of state, dodged her involvement in the Benghazi scandal and has refused to release her speech transcripts to large financial firms while claiming to be the champion of Wall Street reform. She has attacked Mr. Sanders for discrepancies on his record for gun control, while an NRA lobbyist will be co-hosting a fundraiser for her in mid-March. Her role as secretary of state during the Obama administration is touted as a qualification for the presidency, when in reality her foreign policy was interventionist, resulting in a reduction in safety and national security as the war in Iraq imploded into the rise of ISIS in the Middle East.

It’s been ongoing for more than a decade:

Recall, for example, Bill and Hillary looting the White House, during the last days of his presidency, sending $28,000 of furnishings, registered to the National Park Service, to their New York home before they had to depart the place. Or there was Hillary piously announcing that the Clintons, after they left the White House, were “dead broke”—even though she had just signed an $8 million book deal.

The came this snarling manic outburst:


Why isn’t she 5- points ahead? A friend of mine had an answer for her:

Because Whitewater, cattle futures, landing under sniper fire in Bosnia, four dead Americans abandoned to muslim murderers in Benghazi, the “extremely careless” handling of classified emails on your homebrew server, the “pay for play” scams of the Clinton Crime Cartel, your “basket of deplorables” slander of American voters . . . In sum, because you’re a congenital liar . . . and flat out bat sh*t crazy.

I see a couple of possible outcomes here. If she wins she claims a mandate to do whatever she wants to do irregardless of the Constitution- obama III So it’s no stretch to imagine that we get this:




If she loses, well


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