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Full. Blown Panic.

As the polls showing a Hillary Clinton lead narrow, democrats are now in full blown panic mode.  Barack Obama is book ending his Presidency with another apology tour in Laos in which he painted Americans as “lazy” and “racist.” As Clinton continues to dissemble about her emails FBI Director James Comey informed the country that more Clinton documents are on the way. The left went postal about Matt Lauer’s daring to ask Clinton pointed questions about her emails.

It was a high-stakes political moment, far from the chummier confines of the “Today” show and, for Matt Lauer, NBC’s stalwart of the morning, a chance to prove his broadcasting mettle on the presidential stage.

The consensus afterward was not kind.

Charged with overseeing a live prime-time forum with Donald J. Trumpand Hillary Clinton — widely seen as a dry run of sorts for the coming presidential debates — Mr. Lauer found himself besieged on Wednesday evening by critics of all political stripes, who accused the anchor of unfairness, sloppiness and even sexism in his handling of the event.

And then the obvious bias spills out:

Mr. Trump stormed onstage in his familiar motor-mouth style

That’s editorializing, not reporting. But then, it’s the NY Slimes.

For more left wing outrage, you can visit here.

Matt Lauer has been labeled a ‘morning show lightweight’ by furious political pundits after he failed to grill Donald Trump on his claim he never supported the Iraq War during a Commander in Chief Forum on Wednesday night – but relentlessly questioned Hillary over her private email scandal.

Never mind that she’s lied through her teeth with her ever changing stories. Now let’s pile on.


Confidence in Donald Trump is growing on the Hill:

“Trump is getting better,” Graham told reporters Tuesday pointing to the recent polling. “You can see a more disciplined message. If he can hold it together for another 8 weeks.”

Graham, who ran against Trump in the primary and doubted that the New York billionaire could beat Clinton, appeared impressed that Trump could withstand the amount of political attacks he had taken so far.

“He’s had massive political body blows that would knock anybody else out. If he can cross the lines in the eyes of the public and be ready for the job, then I think you’re gonna have one hell of a race,” Graham added.

Uh oh.

Hollywood is peeing in its collective pants:

Hollywood Democrats are getting nervous about recent polls that show the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tightening.

“I’m freaked out,” David Schneiderman, co-owner and founder of Seismic Productions and prominent Clinton supporter, told TheWrap. “I now post stuff on Facebook every day bugging all my friends to do something. No one wants to wake up to Donald Trump on November 8.”

A Tuesday CNN/ORC poll showing Trump leading Clinton in a head-to-head match for the first time in six weeks caught some of Clinton’s staunchest industry supporters and donors by surprise. It is one of the “big five” polls widely considered the most reliable — though some journalists questioned its methodology.

A number of celebrities are threatening to leave the country if Trump wins the election- perhaps blissfully ignorant of the fact that that is likely to be a incentive to vote for Trump.

Clinton henchman James Carville, who famously browbeat sexual assault victims, is already ranting about the election.

Bubba is raging about Trump.

Former President Bill Clinton ridiculed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for his slogan “Make America Great Again” suggesting that it was a false promise to American voters and racially motivated.

Senility must be setting in, because back in 2008 Bubba said Hillary would make America great again.

I saved the best for last. I thought I was somehow on The Onion website when I caught this article:

WASHINGTON — Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader, sent a letter on Tuesday to Speaker Paul D. Ryan urging him to bar Republicans from using hacked documents in the campaign, arguing that “defending our democracy is more important than any advantage or disadvantage in this election.”


Did she really write that? apparently so.

Ms. Pelosi, calling the hack into Democratic servers, apparently by Russians, “an unprecedented assault on the sanctity of our democratic process,” said Mr. Ryan should not condone either party using materials originating from the cybercrime.

“Democrats and Republicans must present a united front in the face of Russia’s attempts to tamper with the will of the American people,” Ms. Pelosi wrote.

No sane person would expect Pelosi to honor a similar request were the shoe on the other foot. Pelosi knows something is coming in the air tonight. It’s panic in Clinton Park.

Oh Lord.


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